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Meet the new coverage that brings consumers back what Apple has done

An Indiegogo campaign to cover back the analog earphone jack that has disappeared in the new iPhones is gaining momentum on the net

The SwiftKey keyboard for smartphones wants to revolutionize

The famous app is the first to run an artificial neural network and is learning to significantly improve typing suggestions
iphone + lightbulb

On slow iPhones and predetermined obsolescence

Is it possible that Apple is creating a slowdown in existing iPhone devices for the launch of a new generation?
Apple iPhone and Worm

The message you will not want: the iPhone, the innovative breach and the Israeli connection

A human rights hacker's hacking attempt found an unprecedented way to outwit all smart device protections with a single click, reminding us for the umpteenth time that it's really not worth being complacent

Now we've seen it all: printed cover for your smartphone will help you catch Pokemon easily

John Cleaver printed a new 3D cover for the iPhone 6, which makes it easier to capture Pokemon GO Pokemon GO. On the way it also completely hides the screen

The best games for your smartphone: Special games made in Israel

Discover what are the most successful and successful mobile games created right here, in the Holy Land

Dating Clock: An alarm clock application that is also a dating site

Genius or cryptic? An alarm clock application will ask strangers you do not know to wake you up in the morning.

The most powerful smartphones on the market, 2016

Traditionally, the people behind the Antutu performance test publish the list of the top 10 most powerful smartphones around them, with the Snapdragon 820 dominating the summit and big

It's not easy to be at the top: Apple reports first-quarter earnings decline from 2003

The giant from Coopertino reports another quarter with huge revenues and profits, but still gets a cold shoulder from investors and experts

The Chinese Trinity: LeEco is launching advanced smartphones at a great price

The young company that made headlines last year under the name LeTV changes its face once more, and presents intriguing instruments that will be quite difficult to obtain outside of the Far East markets

The next middle king? Meet the Meizu Pro 6

The Chinese manufacturer will soon unveil a new smartphone, which will be the first to be based on the Helio X25 chip and will not look bad at all based on current leaks

The Pro's Little Brother: The new iPad Pro is the expensive heir to the iPad Air

Apple also unveiled a small brother to the dreaded iPad Pro, which will inherit the company's main tablet line with an increased price tag

This little big will? Apple has unveiled its cheapest iPhone ever

According to all expectations, the giant Copretino has unveiled a new, discounted and compact iPhone, which contains most of the technologies found on iPhone 6S

Xiaomi's flagship smartphone purports to break records in performance tests

The new Mi 5 uses the leading Snapdragon 820 chip with a relatively modest FullHD screen, and promises to deliver test results that will leave dust even for the new Samsung and LG models

Galaxy S7 announcement: all updates inside

After the impressive display of LG, it's time to find out what Samsung has prepared for 2016, and especially if there is still something that has not been revealed in the preliminary leaks

New scandal: class action lawsuit against Apple following '53 malfunction'

Have you fixed your new iPhone in any private lab? There's a pretty good chance that a fresh software update will turn it into a dysfunctional brick, and consumers really are not happy about it

A great upgrade on the way: details about the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5SE

Apple will announce its new products on 15 in March, with a new tablet that will function as a small brother to the iPad Pro, an updated smart clock and also the cheaper iPhone

The specifications of the HTC One M10 smartphone have been revealed

The new flagship device from HTC is poised to join the hustle and bustle of February, with a Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 820 chip and an upgraded UltraPixel camera

The wired earphones against Apple and the iPhone 7 in high gear

The power of rumors? The network is already resenting, protesting and preparing for the next smartphone from the giant company, which apparently will give up the entry of old and familiar wired headphones

The Right Way: Meet HTC's new One X9

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new smartphone offers many of the more positive features of the One A9, combined with a slightly more respectable battery and a slightly better price

New details about the upcoming smartphone of Xiomi

A physical Samsung home button, a USB Type C connection, and a Snapdragon chip 820: This is the latest spec that the network is predicting for the Chinese manufacturer's Mi 5. And there are pictures too

See movies and series without account: The full guide to the Kodi software

Everything you need to know about the software and app that brings video content to your computer and smartphone without the need for a monthly fee

The new rumor: Galaxy S7 will come with 3D touch technology, as with Apple

Reports of the Korean manufacturer's next flagship products are increasing, with new-looking digital processing and a statement of advanced touch technology that Fite will give its biggest competitor

Apple's new product is one of the most powerful it has ever created

The Cupertino giant took a surprising step and exposed protective covers with a built-in battery for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, which cost a lot of money and do not exactly look like something you would expect from the prestigious company

Sony's ultra-high-end smartphone landed in Israel

How much will the world's first smartphone with an 4K screen cost? Almost like the iPhone 6S Plus