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New scandal: class action lawsuit against Apple following '53 malfunction'

Have you fixed your new iPhone in any private lab? There's a pretty good chance that a fresh software update will turn it into a dysfunctional brick, and consumers really are not happy about it

Apple's new product is one of the most powerful it has ever created

The Cupertino giant took a surprising step and exposed protective covers with a built-in battery for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, which cost a lot of money and do not exactly look like something you would expect from the prestigious company

Resume Six: Everything we know about the new iPhones

A camera that line up with the competition and welcome toughness. Will we get significant news in Apple's big exposure next week?

Samsung Unveils the S6 Galaxy Device, Approx

Less than a week before the official launch of the company's next flagship device for the Galaxy family, Samsung is introducing an official image of the device that leaves enough imagination to make us wonder

Kraftwerk: A portable fuel cell that will change your digital life

The German eZelleron company has developed a safe and portable fuel cell that will change the way we think about charging our mobile devices

The secret of success: The average iPhone price is 3 higher than Android prices

Have you ever wondered how Apple manages to report such huge profits in its financial statements? The answer is related to the company's revenue from its iPhone devices, which are almost three times the average Android handset manufacturer

Microsoft VS Apple: a record quarter to one and a decline in profits per second

Apple and Microsoft presented their financial results for the last quarter of 2014, with a number of particularly interesting data suggesting the direction of companies down the road

Mi Note Pro: Xiaomi's biggest test

The Chinese manufacturer's most expensive device offers advanced specifications and will try to check its status in the league of leading flagship devices in the market

Introducing Xiaomi's impressive tablet that will try to embarrass the iPhone 6 Plus

The new Chinese meteorological tablet will try to beat the OnePlus One and the iPhone 6 Plus at the same time with specifications and pricing similar to the first, along with dimensions and aesthetics similar to each other

Xiaomi Mi5: Screen with sapphire glass, fingerprint reader and Snapdragon 810?

Up-to-date reports and mock-up images are beginning to show us the monster that will be Xiaomi's next flagship, with a screen made of sapphire, a fingerprint sensor and the most advanced chip on the market

Meet the camera sensors that will probably be part of your next smartphone

The sensors, which come with at least 20 megapixel capture capabilities, show us the next generation of HDR technology - fast shooting and faster focus than ever before.

The Israeli market is hot: 730,000 New smartphones in three months

IDC Israel, a global research company in Israel, presents updated data on the Israeli smartphone market - with very few surprises

Like everyone else, but another: Microsoft's smart bracelet was exposed

While the big competitors Google and Apple are diving into the world of smart watches, the giant Redmond launches the Microsoft Band, which turns out to be an all-encompassing health bracelet

The innovation of Oppo: a motorized camera and unprecedented precision

The Chinese manufacturer is unveiling a pair of new smartphones: the N3 comes with a rotating 16 megapixel camera and the R5 offers an 64 bit processor and an almost impossible thickness of 4.85 millimeters only

Apple: Application support on 64 bit is not a choice but a must

In a move that perfectly exemplifies Apple's policy, 64 bit support will be required for every app in the iOS platform store starting next February

Nexus 6 Against the World

With the upcoming launch of 6, the new flagship device of Google and Motorola, we're looking at how its specifications stand in front of the rest of the market giants

Nexus 9: HTC and Google are launching a very powerful tablet

Along with the launch of the 6 and the new Android operating system 5.0 Lulipop, Google introduces the new and advanced HTC tablet

HNXOS 6: A huge, powerful and smart smartphone from Google and Motorola

With a 6 screen, a quad-core processor running at 2.7 GHz and a new operating system, Google is showing us the most desirable Android device on the market ... with the highest price tag for the Naxos series so far

Meet Sisley: Lenovo's iPhone

Smartphone Sennley, which until now we have heard of only reports and rumors, presents his face and shows us the version of Lenovo for iPhone 6 - even with some improvements to the original

Apple will begin selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in an official country next week

A month after the first sale, Apple announced that the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus will be officially launched on 36 in other countries, including Israel. Want to guess what the price tags will be?

The Return of the King? The Galaxy 4 will be officially launched in the 27 in October

Samsung Israel has sent invitations to the official launch of the Galaxy Note 4 on the 27

Virtual reality for everyone: VR glasses on 100 dollars only from Karl Sees

Optics maker Carl Zeiss, who is responsible for quite a few of the optics in our smartphones, is launching its virtual reality glasses at a market price tag

Tablets and other surprises: Apple will unveil new products next week

After several reports on the date and content of the event, Apple invites us to see what it does except the iPhone at 16 in October

Bill Gates Interview: Improves Office, Praises Apple Pay

Bill Gates appeared in an interview with Bloomberg TV in which he revealed that he is working on improving the company's Office software, and does not forget to praise Apple

Apple will hold an event on 16 for October, focusing on the iPad

After the winds calmed down from launching the iPhone, the company will hold an event in two weeks to launch a new iPad, upgraded IMC and Mac OS X Yosemite