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Record highs: All-In-One computer - 49 screen

If you've already decided to go on the biggest desktop screen around - why not include full computer hardware in it?

Intel and Qualcomm, head to head with HP

After getting the hybrid Envy x2 as one of the first Windows models with the Snapdragon 835 chip - comes the Core version that allows data comparison and capabilities

HP First of all: The first laptop with Intel Core and Intel Radeon Vega chipset

The largest computer manufacturer on the market is also the first to adopt the innovative Intel models

Meet the world's thinnest mobile

Acer acquires new credits in our books with the new Swift 7 - a smartphone with smartphone thickness with built-in wireless connectivity

The revolution is already here: All you need to know about the processors that combine AMD and Intel

Processing core and built-in Intel Core graphics core, additional advanced built-in graphics core from AMD, fast HBM2 memories - and performance that should put NVIDIA under pressure

The Great Leap of LG: 970 22 laptop made with XNUMX battery life hours

The Korean manufacturer is convinced that it will be able to break all standards and conventions through its new Gram machines

Asus is making a Kaby Lake-based laptop that will be extremely cheap

The company's new VivoBook model could make the Kaby Lake-R processors even more popular

The laptop wants to be a tablet

Samsung is launching a new generation of its 9 Series mobile - with a Pen S Pen just like its Note devices

Zotac's new computers: quadrilateral cores of all kinds and species

Up-to-date Zbox models and first models from an entirely new family that promises great performance and the ability to upgrade on a small volume

Business and serious, but not too expensive? Lenovo is preparing the V730 to launch

A new series of Chinese notebook computers will try to bridge the gap between the prestigious ThinkPad brand and its discounted home brands

LG featherweight computers are upgraded to four processing cores

Remember the impressive Gram family of the Korean manufacturer? Now you can also get it with the Kaby Lake-R models

Prestigious Workstation: Meet PNY's first laptop

The US manufacturer, which is mainly known for its storage products and graphics cards, is taking a step further

Acer is making mobile quad-core metallic cores at a very competitive price

The next addition to the Taiwanese manufacturer's Aspire mainstream family can offer an 15-inch screen, a Kaby Lake-R processor, a discrete video card, a compact metallic body and much less than 800 dollars

And a wolf with a lamb: the technology that enables Intel to integrate AMD's graphics cores into its products

The end-of-life vision of the chip market turns out to be true: Intel has the ability to integrate different types of chips into the same processing unit, thus opening up a window for groundbreaking applications and applications

Like a fighter plane: the new monstrous laptop of Gigabyte

The hardware company wants to compete with the Alienware family with its Aorus sub-brand, and a new model called X9

Cheap Hybrid Mobile: Asus Launches the VivoBook Flip 14

The new product from the Taiwanese company adopts the ultra-efficient Corem Ultra processors to provide us with a touch-screen computer and a rotating axis at 360 degrees less than 2,500 shekels

Quad Core Cores: New details about AMD's mobile future processors

A little after the new HP Envy model unveiled early on, we get more details on the Ryzen pair of processors for the mobile market - including a little taste of the performance ahead of us

Dawn of a new day: Intel's Coffee Lake processors in a review

The long wait until the day Intel will provide us with processors with more than four cores to the mainstream. Introduce the power to the masses with 6 cores at a truly discounted price

The most significant since Sandy Bridge? This is Intel's Coffee Lake generation

With more processing cores in each category and price tags the same as those of the Skylake generation, Intel hopes to regain full momentum on home computers

Razer's new mobile: almost half the price, still incredibly expensive

What happens when you try to create a "budget" version for one of the most expensive computers around?

Intel's desktop coffee processors are coming next month

Want six processing cores for your home PC at a lower price than ever before (at least in terms of the largest manufacturer in the industry)? This may reach 5 in October

Introducing the new Xiaomi laptops, now with quad-core processing

Xumi is raising Intel's new eighth-generation processors to create its Mi Notebook Pro family

Acer introduces: a new breed of laptops

With four processing cores and a dedicated graphics processing card in the UltraBock shell, the new Nitro 5 Spin of the Taiwanese company is a very intriguing product

Report: The price of fixed-line processors in the new generation of Intel without significant changes

A breakdown of models and prices seen in an online Canadian store gives us evidence that Intel may maintain very similar price levels for the Coffee Lake processors, compared to those we know today

The pictures confirm: Six new motherboards and motherboards in Intel's new desktop generation

The manufacturer's Core 8 Series CPUs validate the rumors, for better or for worse