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Best of all? The car camera that swept 400,000 dollars in Kickstarter

Can a camera that can take a spatial shot of 360 and alert the driver to the danger of falling asleep is worth more than $ 170? Thousands of consumers have already voted with their feet and decided that the answer is positive

Back to Chernobyl: The spiritual successor to STALKER is a success in mass funding

Chernobylite is a game that wants to bring us back to the chilling radioactive disaster area of ​​Ukraine - this time with three-dimensional environment scanning technologies that will make the experience even more realistic

Special look, classic gameplay: Prodeus game is looking for investors

A new and ambitious action game developed by a pair of creators enters the last stage of his project, after he has already promised the minimum amount required

Use the computer - without moving out of bed

A fresh mass funding campaign called Bedchill is designed to combine your love for lying under the blanket to your love of computers and technology

The world of mass funding of the Games still has one king

Video game financing has been a mixed success over the past year, desktop games have broken all records - and above all is the title of the most ambitious space adventure ever

Meet Session: The game that will return the skateboard to fashion

At a time when series like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or Skate are nothing more than a vague nostalgia, a new mass funding project wants to bring back the popular genre of life

It's electric, it's a skateboard and it's also a scooter: Meet the new and surprising Kickstarter project

With marketing assistance from the Chinese company LeEco and a starting price of close to 2,000 NIS, the Scooterboard comes out on the road with the hope of becoming a new type of urban transport medium

The compact mechanical keyboard is a prestigious success in Kickstarter

The WhiteFox keyboard is small, expensive, customizable - and captivating

Meet the world's thinnest smartphone charger, coming from Israel

Have you ever dreamed of a cargo that will be available to you in your pocket at any given moment? This Kickstarter project is probably for you

Superscreen: The discounted solution that will give an enlarged screen for your smartphone

A massively successful mass-funding campaign allows the smart device in your pocket to function simultaneously as a tablet

Reason for concern? The mass-funding hit announces a delay on the launch date

The Superbook, which raised more than 3 million dollars by promising to turn any Android-based smartphone into a full laptop, will arrive at least three months late

The new hit: Meet the shoes that have a built-in screen

Vixole has launched a mass funding project for smart shoes that comes with a cool LED display and five different sensors

A monstrous success for successor to the successor for Fallout

After the great and successful comeback of his predecessor, the Wasteland 3 role-playing team manages to collect nearly $ 3 million in the network within three days

Watch: The Cube that does nothing - and sweep 5's revenue by a million dollars

A very impressive mass-funding project provides a solution for all cases where you simply have to engage your hands with something

View: The device that will give you peace and privacy at the touch of a button gains momentum on the network

The Kickstarter project, which managed to raise $ 500,000 from users, becomes viral with a promise of revolutionary noise cancellation capability

Get the Modobag, the motorized suitcase that will carry you, not vice versa

The mass funding campaign for a motorized scooter suitcase that will take you wherever you need to on your way to your next vacation is surprisingly successful

Another jarring failure of Windows 10 Mobile

One of the most unique and interesting smartphones based on Microsoft's mobile operating system crashed in its Kickstarter project

Fiery in Kickstarter: A fitness trainer based on artificial intelligence developed in Israel

Another Israeli start-up company enjoys great success in the largest mass-financing platform

The smart clock that captures Kickstarter

An anonymous company made nearly $ 1 million in investments with the help of a surprisingly good Android Wear watch
AMPY's mobile coverage will fool itself

The next big thing: the smartphone will help recharge itself

An American company has announced that it has patented a smart device to recharge itself by converting to the voltage of radio waves emitted from them

Suspended cargo: creating an art or a costly and unnecessary gimmick?

A couple of new fundraising ventures are looking for support for unique chargers that will make your watches and cellphones float

This Week in Kickstarter: Turn Every Smartphone Into a Laptop (Updated)

Andromium has not given up the dream of using the processing power of the smart device to operate a computer: Meet the Superbowl

It's no longer a dream: Zeeq is the smart pillow that will make you stop snoring

A new mass funding project is gaining momentum and promises to bring the Internet age of things to your bed too

BioShock's spiritual father is back

The role-action-horror role that preceded his time in the first half of the 1990s and was a spiritual father for some of the greatest games ever returned - in a rebuilt version of the base for a new generation of gamers

Smart Watches at Sane Prices: Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round are sold at a reduced price (updated)

The unique and unique watches from the manufacturer, which has emerged from a very successful Kickstarter campaign, give a discount to its two latest models and are available for purchase and direct shipping to Israel via Amazon