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Cinema viewers with 3D glasses

New Israeli development: Real 3D without glasses

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute in collaboration with MIT have developed innovative technology for cinemas

The Mediatek's ten-core chip pops up in the performance test and delivers very impressive results

The chip's new Helio X20 chipset makes muscle in the reservoir of the popular Geekbench test

Watch: another light saber that looks like the real thing, and you will not want to mess with it

After the big lighter, it's time to get to know the powerful laser that will make it feel like a jade, minus the ability to limb in a single swing

HWzone's year-end products for 2015: the card that nearly killed AMD

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

Watch: The floating skimmer that discards liquid magnets and nitrogen for 36 industrial fans

A company called ArcaSpace has created its own version of a skateboard that ignited our imagination in a variety of science fiction movies, and can be yours for just $ 20,000

Official: The double Radeon Fury X2 was postponed to next year

A minority of leading titles supporting quadratic cores have led the chip developer to postpone the launch of its most powerful video card

Watch: The new game of Crysis Creators will make you feel and vibrate in virtual reality

The new game developed by the German developer Crytek is exclusively for the Oculus Rift platform, and will put you in the shoes and eyes of a brave mountain climber

AOC's new screen is large, concave and agile

The Taiwan electronics company is displaying an ultra wide and interesting 35 screen

Get the best out of the graphics card: the complete graphics setup guide

Many video games now offer photorealistic graphics, but one that has many confusing parameters: What is Vsync or MSAA? What settings should you turn on or off and what exactly do they give? You will find all the answers here

Another surprising innovation: teeth that were created in a 3D printer and also destroy bacteria

Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a 3-D printed tooth that can kill 99 of bacteria in the mouth

Build yourself a robot: Star Wars meets 3D printing

The awakening power of three-dimensional printers: An amateur group demonstrates how to print the Star Wars Droid

HTC promises to unveil a major technological breakthrough in virtual reality

The Taiwan developer explains the reason behind the postponement of the launch to the Vive glasses

The new rumor: Galaxy S7 will come with 3D touch technology, as with Apple

Reports of the Korean manufacturer's next flagship products are increasing, with new-looking digital processing and a statement of advanced touch technology that Fite will give its biggest competitor

Watch: The closest to the sword is a real light that we've seen so far

A talented Star Wars fan created a kind of elaborate lighter that feels almost like the terrifying sword of light you've always dreamed of

First tests are already here: The Snapdragon 820 chip proves to be a monster

The next-generation development platform of Qualcomm has reached the hands of journalists, providing us with a first formal and full view of the performance expected for us in the big leap to 14 nm

Listen and Like: The Dunu TITAN 5 is a big surprise in a small case

Looking for compact headphones with great sound? The TITAN 5 Dunu's news looks pretty good, sounds great, and can be a very good choice for you

Round Break: AMD's Bristol Ridge processors may land in March 2016

The latest generation of APU processors based on the Bulldozer family architecture may come in a few months with a new motherboards bracket that will also fit the future Zen architecture

This is the time to learn Erdoino: more than 17 textbooks and training on 15 dollars only

Have you ever dreamed of starting to create on your own based on microcontrollers and micro computers? The latest Humble Bundle offers you a great opportunity to do so

Spectacular every time anew: these are the best photos of Pluto that we can get in the present

The US space agency continues to pamper us in measured quantities with a new image of the frozen dwarf planet, this time in even higher resolution

Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM memories in unprecedented volumes

The most ambitious to date: Introducing the Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

After years of preparation and gradual progress, the Chinese smartphone's fresh smartphone feels like a product that might really be able to compete with the best in the market

A small glimpse into the future: Watch Microsoft's HoloLens glasses running Halo 5

At Microsoft, they provided a tiny glimpse into the popular Xbox One title with their rich reality glasses and became the talk of the day

Real-world gaming: Everything you need to know about a laminated reality

Think life is a game? You're not alone. Meet the innovative applications that want to turn you and everything around you into an interactive gaming experience

Get ready for Bluetooth 2016: more far, faster and ready for revolution

The popular wireless device threatens to explode next year with the doubling of data transfer speed and latitude, and the ability to work in a smarter fabric topology

Advanced Nanomaterials: New technical details about Intel's Kaby Lake processors

The generation of processors that will replace Skylake will not make worlds, but it should nevertheless provide some important upgrades to our needs