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Zun: Meeting

The 16 Forum meeting is underway

Come and see and see our forum - Passover 2005!

Summary of the 15 Forum session

Done - Come see pictures of our 15 forum meeting

15 Forum Meeting - Today!

Update: According to reports we received, the Haifa promenade is closed. Therefore, the meeting continued on to the Jerusalem promenade (located opposite the Haifa promenade).

HWzone's 15 Forum Meeting

A year has passed, a year has come, and we are meeting a rising! (WTF ..)

Summary of the 14 Forum session

Was completed - the Forum 14 meeting

Forum 14 - The lottery!

Final details of the forum's 14 meeting, which will be held this coming Wednesday!

Meeting Forum - August 2005, Off!

HWzone's 14 Forum is on its way!

Coverage Forum 13 Forum

We invite you to enjoy reading the coverage of our 13 forum

Forum 13 Forum

The long-awaited encounter, encounter number 13, occurred in the second half of the Passover holiday. A group of excited, unrestrained computer enthusiasts and Dai met with the public, as usual, on the roof of the Azrieli building on the Haifa Promenade. This time they came to meet the 37 environments man, from 15,429 and registered zoners to the forum's site. At first there were individual people, who arrived at around 13: 00, but gradually reached additional zonarians, who occupied a volume of shed and a half (+ teaspoon of sugar).

Forum 13 - The lottery!

More details about the 13 Forum meeting, which takes place on 28 for April, and the draw at the meeting

Forum 13 - Passover 2005!

Preliminary details of the upcoming Forum meeting to be held on Thursday, 28.4.2005, Chol HaMoed Pesach - 2005

12 Forum meeting, final details and date!

The date selection survey was closed and the meeting date was set. Go to the final details of the meeting.

Forum 12 Forum. Final details of the lottery

The 12 Forum meeting to be held on Hanukkah is coming, and we are happy to reveal the final details about the lottery that will be held there, and the prizes that will be distributed

12 Forum Meeting! First details and date selection

As Hanukkah approaches, our next forum meeting is approaching. More Details - Inside

Forum 11 - Final Details

Final details of the community meeting in early August

Forum 11 Forum. The date selection survey is about to be locked ...

Hurry up, get in and vote. The meeting is approaching

Forum 11, date selection

We allow you to choose the date that is most convenient to arrive, so that we can find a day where most members of the forum can meet. The possible dates are several days in early August.

Meeting of the Tenth Forum - full coverage

At the beginning of the month, on the date of the 04-04-04, the tenth (and the first 2004) meeting was held since the establishment of HWzone ...

Meeting of the Tenth Forum - full coverage

Here is another holiday, another vacation from school - and in the best tradition the forum users want another meeting, the tenth meeting since the site was established!

Tenth Forum Meeting - Final Details

As usual, the meeting will be held at the "Haifa Promenade" which is located on the roof of the Azrieli Mall and officially begins at 14: 00; As always, the purpose of the meeting is to consolidate the community and give ...

Meeting of the Tenth Forum - Date Selection

We are happy to announce an important milestone for the HWzone community: The tenth forum meeting is set to begin ...

Meeting of the Ninth Forum - full coverage

Last Thursday, the 25 / 12 / 2003 held its ninth (and final) meeting since the establishment of the HWzone site more than two years ago. It was one of the most successful and largest meetings and many members of the community (both old and new) ...

Meeting of the Ninth Forum - full coverage

In two months 1000 registered new forum users! If only they had all come to the meeting, it would have been much happier ... We could have set up a small army and tried to take control of Azrieli, we would have dropped Lock-Down on the Haifa Promenade and shouted together: "Do not evacuate! But we had to settle for a slightly more modest amount of visitors. The current meeting took place on Hanukkah, on the day of Christmas, in the usual place (the Haifa Promenade on the roof of the shopping mall in Azrieli) and at the usual time (at around noon).

The Ninth Forum meets on its way

Hi all dear surfers and forum members. After eight successful and enjoyable meetings, we plan to hold another forum, the ninth of which will be held during the upcoming Hanukkah holiday. As always, the purpose of the meeting is to consolidate the community ...

The ninth forum meeting - final details

About a week ago, we announced plans to hold another (ninth) forum meeting on Chanukah, which is the next day of Chanukah, and during the last week you were asked to vote in the poll in order to choose the most convenient date for you ...