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Minimum size, maximum speed: Samsung launches high-performance microSD card

The Korean giant may have given up storage slots to its flagship devices this year, but that does not mean it gives up the entire microSD market

The Radeon R9 390 cards are now cheaper with 4GB of memory

AMD's competitive graphics card for the mid-high market may become even more competitive now that the first models have been launched with half the amount of graphics memory

Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM memories in unprecedented volumes

More specials that should not be missed: RAM memories in Amazon

Another hot sale lets you purchase Crucial DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs at great prices

RAM: Will the new iPhones come with 2GB, iPad Pro with 4GB?

Even after the official announcement, questions about the full material specification of the new Apple devices continue

Google promises: Chrome will stop wasting your RAM

The new popular browser update promises to provide great improvements to its efficiency

A first glimpse into the next generation of Intel NUC computers

The future Swift Canyon model on Intel's tiny platform is presented unofficially, ensuring even more capabilities and features than anything we have been accustomed to today

Remove the juice from Cascillix with the XPATA Z1 memory of ADATA

The new ADX DDR4 memories will enable you to get the best performance in Intel's new generation of processors

The 3D Xpoint technology from Intel and Micron is the hardware revolution we've been waiting for?

The two companies have announced innovative technology for storing information without the need for transistors, which threatens to turn both flash chips and DRAM memories into obsolete, within a year from now

Crazy rumor: NVIDIA's Pascal core will include 17 billion transistors

Is the full-featured NVIDIA next-generation kernel likely to have twice as many transistors as the Titan X, plus up to 32GB of ultra-fast HBM2 graphics?

Super fast internal memory, today for all smartphone manufacturers

SK Hynix of Korea joins rival Samsung, and announces ultra-fast memories for smart devices in the UFS 2.0 standard. Prepare for performance that comes close to the SSD league, not just the S6

Kingston continues to dominate the RAM memory market

The American company continues to accelerate forward, and is approaching 60 of the market share of the DRAM module market. Who trailed behind her on the list?

On the way up: One-third of the laptops sold today include SSDs

Information from the TrendForce market research group makes it clear that mechanical drives are still very relevant on laptops, but SSDs reduce the time, and at peak speeds

Will LG's next flagship device come with Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM?

Recent reports on the Web predict that a new G-Pro device will arrive in the coming months, with elaborate specifications and programs to combat the Galaxy Note

Samsung Introduces: Great, fast storage for your future smartphone

Shortly after announcing its new eMMC 5.1 chips, Samsung launches memory chips based on the ultra-fast UFS 2.0 standard, which comes in high volumes of up to 128 gigabytes

Improving the performance we've all been waiting for: Samsung introduces new eMMC 5.1 memories

In recent days, Samsung has introduced new memory chips for mobile devices based on the eMMC 5.1 standard, ensuring improved performance for your next gadget

GDDR5 memories record speed from Hynix on the way to the market

Hynix began production of ultra-fast memory chips, which can be stacked on top of each other in a three-dimensional configuration

Intel: The 3-D NAND memory revolution - in the coming year

The chip giant will launch advanced stacked chips over the next year - promising that they will change the face of the SSD market

R9 290X and GTX 980 with double memory on their way to the market

AMD and NVIDIA plan to unveil versions with 5GB GDDR8 memory for their single core card drives, which will be available for purchase before the end of the year

Coming soon: Smartphones and tablets with 3GB of RAM

Smart phones and tablets on the way to raise the bar with a dynamic memory of no less than 3GB thanks to new and improved chips from Samsung. The debut - in Galaxy Note III?


In this review, we are proud to present the new MSI series motherboard series - the gaming series with many improvements

Samsung offers ultra-fast memory for smartphones and tablets

Samsung has announced new DRAM memory for tablets and smartphones that will enable the development of improved performance devices and reduced power consumption

3-D RAM is closer than ever

With the support of 100 technology companies, the three largest computer chip manufacturers worldwide agree on a unified standard for the next generation of 3D, ultra-fast memory

AMD plans to include GDDR5 memories in its processors

In an interview with Theinquirer, one of AMD's top graphics engineers reveals his opinion on what will bring PCs to new levels of performance

SABERTOOTH Z77 - The processor in the tank will win: A motherboard in the audit

The tough side of Asus comes to us in criticism: SABERTOOTH Z77 - tough only from the outside?