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ZON: MWC 2016

Will the unique technology make them a hit? Oppo is preparing new leading smartphones

After introducing surprising technologies to charge a highly effective battery and economical and compact optical stabilization for the camera, Oppo is expected to soon introduce a pair of smartphones that will support the new and exclusive capabilities

Unusual smartphone from an unexpected source: Will HP be the one to save Windows 10 Mobile?

The American manufacturer is storming back to the smartphone market with the most impressive 10 window device we have encountered so far

Samsung Unveils Fastest and Highest Volume Storage for Smartphones

The next generation of storage chips from the Korean giant looks very impressive, with an impressive maximum volume of 256 gigabytes and speeds of up to 850 megabytes per second

Introducing the Mi 4S: a metallic smartphone with generous storage and a great price from Xiaomi

In the shadow of the fearsome Mi 5, the Chinese actress launched another new smartphone, which will be a polished and improved alternative to the Mi 4C model introduced six months ago

HTC's smartphone portfolio continues to deteriorate

The Taiwanese manufacturer has introduced three new Desire devices, with a special look but also hardware coming straight from 2014

Xiaomi's flagship smartphone purports to break records in performance tests

The new Mi 5 uses the leading Snapdragon 820 chip with a relatively modest FullHD screen, and promises to deliver test results that will leave dust even for the new Samsung and LG models

Shall we miss? Sony announces that the Xperia Z series is dead and replaced by the Xperia X

The Japanese manufacturer is seeking a new way to confirm rumors that the new X-Series will be the successor to the Xperia Z

Easiest: Introducing Huawei's first hybrid laptop

The Chinese manufacturer, which has so far dealt with smartphones and tablets, has made its next big leap with a surface-to-surface surface-to-surface 10

Xiaomi Mi 5 provides a winning specification for less than 400 dollars

The Chinese manufacturer unveiled its new flagship device with a Snapdragon 820 chip, agile storage, a thin metallic body and the cost of buying two instead of a single Galaxy S7 or LG G5

Cheap, but with LTE: Introducing the Mobile 10 Hybrid Windows of Alcatel

The Chinese company launched its first 10 Windows machine, which does not give up built-in cellular connectivity and may be one of the cheapest in the category

Watch: The Galaxy S7 looks inside, including its heat pipe and water seal

The network did not wait too long and already dismantled Samsung's new flagship device to find out what's inside and what makes it fluid

Metal and glass devices, virtual reality plastic: Alcatel reveals a pair of smartphones for the middle market

Chinese manufacturer opens the MWC exhibition for 2016 ambitiously, with the pair of smartphones Idol 4S and Idol 4

All the interesting details to know about the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Exynos version is probably the one that will reach us in the Holy Land, the internal storage will be very agile but relatively modest, and what about the price? Here's the important information to know about Samsung's new and impressive pair

Galaxy S7 announcement: all updates inside

After the impressive display of LG, it's time to find out what Samsung has prepared for 2016, and especially if there is still something that has not been revealed in the preliminary leaks

All LG G5 videos you should see

The Korean manufacturer brings to the network a number of new official videos detailing and explaining the leading features of the newly discovered flagship device

Innovation Award: Unlocked The LG G5 was officially launched with a modular structure and lots of friends

LG's new flagship device is a very significant change from the predecessor and a brave direction of the company in general, but one specific feature may hurt it

The festive launch of the LG G5: all the details here

What surprises include the new leading smartphone of the Korean manufacturer dreaming of returning to the first quintet in the market? The answers are inside

What remains to be revealed? Watch the first video of the Galaxy S7 Edge in action

Someone on the net managed to find the Korean giant's new device before it was exposed, and also documented it and its latest Android Marshmallow system

Just before the announcement: here is all we know about the LG G5 smartphone

LG's new flagship device is expected to offer some significant changes from the LG G4, as well as a number of unique and interesting technologies that could be key to its commercial success

A day before the announcement: all the details and pictures of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are here

Images of the new pair of smartphones in their final and official version, and when they are activated, found their way to the network, raising the threshold of our interest to its maximum level

The Chinese claim: Galaxy S7 chip with Snapdragon 820 will be the preferred version

A famous Chinese teller declares that the version of the flagship device based on Qualcomm's chips will be significantly stronger than the version based on Samsung's own Exynos chips

Official video confirms: Galaxy S7 will be waterproof

A new teaser from Samsung's Samsung site clearly shows Samsung's new handsets, including wireless charging capability, water protection and a promise for a camera that performs exceptionally well in the dark

LG confirms: G5 will come with a screen that displays information regularly (updated)

The new Korean teaser image confirms that the new flagship device will adopt the most unique feature of the V10 model

The Galaxy S7 looks more impressive than ever in a pair of new photos in silver and gold

Additional photos come to the network and show the new Samsung device in a pair of shades we have not seen for him yet

Not all of them: Alcatel's OneTouch Idol 4 devices are first exposed (updated)

Chinese manufacturer TCL is preparing a pair of intriguing heirs to its successful OneTouch Idol 3S smartphone