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The complicated deal to acquire Toshiba's NAND chip division

Under an attempt to comply with Japan's regulatory laws, a buying group made up of some of the largest names in the computer market is approaching a giant deal worth 18 billion

For Sale: The world's second largest SSD chipset

Toshiba has no choice but to get the investors' approval to sell its biggest asset (almost) to the highest bidder

Toshiba and Western Digital leap forward: 3-D NAND chips with 64 layers on the way to mass production

The third side in the race to the top of the world of flash chips really does not intend to be left behind

The 3D is expanding: Micron MX300 drives are available in new volumes

The first series of drives from the American manufacturer that uses 3-D storage chips is now available in a much larger range

Revolution: Samsung is unveiling tiny UFS cards for storage expansion, with SSD drive performance

When we thought we had seen everything that UFS had to fix, Samsung came up and proved that we were wrong with an application that threatens to make microSD cards redundant

Tomorrow's storage technology: Another impressive performance display from Intel's Optane drives

The technology giant is demonstrating the first drives to be based on the innovative 3D Xpoint technology, with write speeds approaching 2GBps

Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM memories in unprecedented volumes

Toshiba's TSV technology will allow us to get enhanced SSDs, even with planar chips

The technology for connecting layers of flash chips through silicon itself is beginning to take shape in the commercial world, and will help us get more efficient and faster SSDs in increased volumes

SanDisk makes SSD drives with a volume of 8 terabytes

Do not 2 or 4 terabytes really impress you? SanDisk plans to launch 2.5 SSD drives in 8 terabytes in the coming year

The 3D Xpoint technology from Intel and Micron is the hardware revolution we've been waiting for?

The two companies have announced innovative technology for storing information without the need for transistors, which threatens to turn both flash chips and DRAM memories into obsolete, within a year from now

Seeing results: Samsung launches SSNs with a volume of 4 terabytes

The Korean giant's new enterprise drives take advantage of the V-NAND technology to provide us with an extremely high volume

Super fast internal memory, today for all smartphone manufacturers

SK Hynix of Korea joins rival Samsung, and announces ultra-fast memories for smart devices in the UFS 2.0 standard. Prepare for performance that comes close to the SSD league, not just the S6

Intel plans to significantly increase its presence in the SSD drive market

The chip giant plans to challenge Samsung as part of its burgeoning SSD market in the coming year

SandForce comes back with new and sophisticated SSD controllers

Those who previously dominated the SSD market are announcing the crazed comeback under Seagate: new controllers for all interfaces and all market segments

Trion 100: cheap SSD drive from a good?

OCZ's new SSD will be the first to be based on Toshiba's own controller, ensuring extremely competitive performance for the home consumer

Competition for Intel: Samsung began production of the first NVM drive for the home market

Market leader SSDs will soon launch an updated version of its advanced SM951 drive, which will offer even higher performance thanks to support for the new NVMe standard

Intel SSD 750: the new performance peak in the world of home storage

The new Intel SSD combines the PCI-Express interface and the new NVMe standard to offer capabilities you've never encountered on home computers - at a price that might surprise you even better

Samsung EVO 850 drives - now also in compact versions M.2 and mSATA

One of the best family SSD drives for the home market is expanding with smaller models that manage to keep most of the positive features of the original 2.5

3D for the masses: Toshiba and SanDisk are also making innovative chips for your SSD drives

Not only Intel and Samsung in this race - the Toshiba and SanDisk partnership also have their own stacked 3D chips technology, which threatens to be more economical and advanced than anything we've heard about it so far

Intel and Micron technology will bring us SSDs up to 10 terabytes

Chipzilla and its partner in the production of NAND chips shed additional light on their stacked chip technology - with a promise of two to three times the volumes of what we now know very soon

Marvell Introduces High Performance SSD Controller for Tablets and Mobile Devices

The new controller of the American manufacturer purports to bring the NVME memories to the mainstream - along with the upgraded performance from which we can all enjoy

Samsung is bringing its 3D NAND chips to the home market

Samsung announces new SSD series under the name 850 EVO, which brings an innovative combination of TLC architecture and 3-D stacked chips to the home performance market

SSDs on all laptops - within a year from now?

The boss of the humble SSD controller manufacturer Phison presents a far-reaching vision in which SSDs in 128GB and 256GB volumes will replace mechanical drives on laptops - in a year or two from today

Intel: The 3-D NAND memory revolution - in the coming year

The chip giant will launch advanced stacked chips over the next year - promising that they will change the face of the SSD market

Corsair Force LX Review: The budget SSD that needs a miracle

We took a look at Corsair's new SSD budget - is the Force LX up against the competition?