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NVIDIA's black sheep

The GeForce GTX 1650 was officially launched with reviews that came in slight delay - performance that is lighter compared to the cheaper Radeon RX 570

NVIDIA's surprise: tracking the horns even without dedicated hardware

The Turring GTX cards and even the Pascal generation cards will be supported by the DXR technologies - indicating the potential for AMD products as well

Radeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge

Increased frequency, increased price - and much more power consumed: The Radeon RX 590 cards are officially launched anywhere

NVIDIA Renewal: GTX 1060 Cards with GDDR5X Memories (updated)

Is the chip maker planning its own mid-model update to fight the upcoming Radeon RX 590?

New Deal: A free game along with NVIDIA's intermediate cards

Are you planning to buy a GeForce GTX 1070 or GeForce GTX 1060 in the near future? You may be eligible to receive a code to activate the new hit from Kafcom

NVIDIA hard card

The chipmaker presents a new benchmarking of innovative image smoothing technology that allows even the RTX 2070 to show superiority over the GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp

Now on the net: Radeon RX 580 at a surprising price

Amazon offers a nice EVGA video card The price is especially appealing, for the quick decision between you

The NVIDIA Pascal will not die: more models of video cards are on the way

A new intermediate model of the GeForce GTX 1050 as well as another basic model for the GTX 1060 are detailed on the network

Will a new generation of NVIDIA video cards be unveiled within a few hours? (Updated)

The disappearance of the entire stock of GeForce cards on the official website of the chip developer reinforces the estimates that the GTC conference that begins today will serve as the stage for a large announcement

Reporting: NVIDIA will separate gaming from cryptographic coin mining

All reports point to a new generation of NVIDIA home video cards: Should we say goodbye to Pascal and start talking about Turing instead?

Prestigious Workstation: Meet PNY's first laptop

The US manufacturer, which is mainly known for its storage products and graphics cards, is taking a step further

NVIDIA's Next Project: An Artificial Intelligence Machine

The chipmaker announces a plan to take advantage of its first Volta generation products to create the most efficient and advanced supercomputer of its kind worldwide

Acer is making mobile quad-core metallic cores at a very competitive price

The next addition to the Taiwanese manufacturer's Aspire mainstream family can offer an 15-inch screen, a Kaby Lake-R processor, a discrete video card, a compact metallic body and much less than 800 dollars

The rise of NVIDIA continues

Yes, the third quarter of 2017 was also a record break for the well-known chipmaker

NVIDIA's surprise: Star Wars style graphics cards

The collector versions of the Titan Xp are revealed as designs inspired by the dark side and bright side of the immortal series of films

NVIDIA is preparing a new version for its Titan card

Just when we thought that the Pascal family was at the end of the road, the chip developer is offering a short teaser video hinting at another intriguing product that is in line

Lucrative, but strange: the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is already here

The latest NVIDIA card includes a new limit for manufacturers that may restore the joy of self-acceleration to the mind, and a price that could make it a real replacement for the GeForce GTX 1080

The first performance results of the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti are already here

Based on the 3Mark benchmark, the NVIDIA's new model accurately matches its target

Reports: The GeForce GTX 1070 Ti will be artificially limited in its working frequencies

Will NVIDIA's future and intriguing graphics card be the ones to start a new and controversial market trend?

The first numbers: Modern hardware is trying their best on the most advanced performance test

The 3DMark Time Spy Extreme test has not yet officially launched, but there are already those who have had the chance to test it - and you are the results of modern graphics cards and processors

GTX 1080: The new NVIDIA card will arrive at 26 in October

More details make the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti more exciting and intriguing

A final blow? NVIDIA is preparing to launch the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

It is not certain that the limited availability of the Radeon Vega cards will really jeopardize its prestigious lead, but it appears that the developer of the green cores nevertheless prepares an appropriate answer for them

Champion featherweight: Gigabyte launches the smallest GeForce GTX 1080

Did you think that the popular NVIDIA gaming model no longer had ways to surprise you? Think again

Acer's revolutionary slim laptop, now priced a little more sane

The ROG Zephyrus, which combines the dimensions of an ultrabok with gaming system performance, wins a version with a price tag that starts "only" in the 2,300 dollar

Want a portable video card on your desktop computer?

The new adapter offered by Eurocom will allow you to connect MXM cards based on a standard PCI-Express 3.0 X16 slot, creating a very compact and powerful array of your own