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Once and for all: Are Apple's computers really suitable for graphics?

The debate between the Macs and the PC people has been going on for many years and seems unlikely to end soon. So who is the most suitable computer for content creators, and has the launch of the new MacBook Pro changed anything?

Lenovo's computer business may swell soon

The largest computer maker on the market confirms plans to cooperate with rival rival Fujitsu's business

The computer market ended the year of 2015 in a crash

Auch: The PC world suffered a drop of more than 10% in sales in the last quarter of 2015 compared to its counterpart in 2014

Last Chance: New Year's Sales at Steam Store

We've picked up ten more exciting deals on Wallav's online platform, two days before they officially end

Green Man Gaming is continuing

The online gaming store offers Fallout 4, and a few other big and fresh titles, at very good prices

Lottery Modular Package MasterCase 5 Pro - the winner

Last day to draw the modular package MasterCase 5 Pro, hurry up and register!

Returning to the roots and enjoying: Dirt Rally was officially launched and very popular

The new racing game of Codemasters took a fresh and refreshing approach, and it seems to have succeeded

Head to Head: Here are the Dark Souls 3 system requirements and its main double

The third installment of the successful From Software and the compatible Dragons Dogma series, received official hardware requirements for the PC versions

Reports: Xiyomi's first laptop will offer old hardware at a very good price

The Chinese meteorologist plans to expand on the world of laptops at the beginning of 2016, and may do so with unusual and unexpected combinations

70s Show: New Mafia Game 3

The new chapter in the series, one of GTA's oldest and most prominent competitors, seems to have great potential

Trouble in Heaven: The virtual reality glasses of Wallace and HTC will not be ready on time

Is one of the biggest and most promising competitors of the Oculus Rift in trouble?

The new creators of Unreal Tournament: the biggest gaming and gaming news in the past week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

Batman As We Have Never Knew: The Biggest Gaming and Gambling News of the Week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

Watch the great game trailer for Far Cry Primal

UBSoft is surprising and takes its brand back in time to make the wild world and animals a more significant feature than ever before

The complete guide to assembling your personal computer

Have your new hardware arrived? Will resume. In this comprehensive guide you will learn how to assemble your PC in the best and smartest way, to the last detail

Another free game: Shadow Complex lands on personal computers and is available free of charge

Six and a half years after launching the Xbox 360, one of the most surprising games from the previous generation comes to PCs as well,

Alpha Surprise: Quick players have an early approach to the new Doom

At Batsada they decided to indulge a small number of gamers by accessing the closed alpha tests of the nostalgic and promising game of action

Is your computer ready to sow destruction? Here are the official system requirements for Just Cause 3

The third chapter of Rico Rodriguez's tales will reach the shops in a few days, and now you can see if your system is ready to deal with all the mess it is about to create

Free trial before launch: Open beta for Rainbow Six Siege (updated)

Yubisoft's promising action game will give you four days of free and open experience in some of his online game modes, very close to the official launch

Give up: Batman Arkham Knight will not be able to work with SLI and CrossFire arrays

The shame around the last title starring the Dark Knight is sealed with a particularly jarring daughter, with the admission that the game simply will not be able to operate properly with multi-card graphic arrays

Launch at the door: Will Steam OS bring the largest gaming line?

WALAV's dedicated operating system will be operational in the coming days, but apart from Steam Link, it is not yet clear whether there is anything to be excited about, for now

Standing at the high end: Reviews of the Fallout 4 are here

The new post-apocalyptic action game has been launched, and to our delight it seems that most critics and players agree that this is a great experience that respects the brand, even if it is not perfect

The best and disappointed: The launch season continues with Need for Speed ​​and Black Ops 3

The new title starring Lara Croft and the new installment of the Call of Duty series are making a positive impression on the visitors, much more than the new and discussed race title of EA

The batman and Arkham Knight completed the comeback, but are still disappointing

The last game in the Arkham series returned to Stim after three months of absence, but it seems that it is still not really ripe and worthy for the disappointed fans

This is a great opening season for the great 2015 Winter Games

The Yovisoft London Assassins and Hilo's first new generation of consoles receive a warm welcome from the visitors