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Sony on the outside, AMD Inside: The next PlayStation console is partially exposed

An interview with the system engineer of the Japanese Next Generation console gives us official approval for the use of advanced processing chips from the Zen 2 and the Navi

10: Interesting facts about the PlayStation 2

Sony's legendary console has finally come to an end - and it's time to recall its heyday somewhere in the early millennium

The consoles from Sony: the one that comes back and the one that disappears

The Japanese company provided us with the nostalgia we hoped for with a miniature modern version of the original PlayStation - along with the announcement of the elimination of the mobile Vita

PlayStation 5 consoles, with game developers right now

The launch of Sony's next big home console may take place in less than two years

The story behind the Sony PlayStation

Have you ever wondered who invented Sony's first console, or why the controls on the controllers are always X, Circle, Triangle and Square? Discover all the surprising details about the project that became a dynasty and history

What year are we? Playstation VR will come with demo disc games

Sony's virtual reality platform will include a physical disk reminiscent of the forgotten nineties

The new creators of Unreal Tournament: the biggest gaming and gaming news in the past week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

Batman As We Have Never Knew: The Biggest Gaming and Gambling News of the Week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

Sony introduces: Good news, bad news

The PlayStation 4 console wins a new and much more cost-effective gaming package while destroying the back-end support concept in PlayStation 2

Sony is officially cutting: it's the right time to buy a PlayStation 4

Sony is announcing a reduction to its successful console for the next two weeks, and you too have the opportunity to take advantage of this courtesy of Amazon

Appropriate answer? Sony confirms work on backward support for PlayStation 2 games

The great success of Microsoft and the Xbox One with back-end support for Xbox 360 causes Sony to confirm that it is making similar capabilities to its extensive PS2 catalog

Launch at the door: Will Steam OS bring the largest gaming line?

WALAV's dedicated operating system will be operational in the coming days, but apart from Steam Link, it is not yet clear whether there is anything to be excited about, for now

Standing at the high end: Reviews of the Fallout 4 are here

The new post-apocalyptic action game has been launched, and to our delight it seems that most critics and players agree that this is a great experience that respects the brand, even if it is not perfect

The best and disappointed: The launch season continues with Need for Speed ​​and Black Ops 3

The new title starring Lara Croft and the new installment of the Call of Duty series are making a positive impression on the visitors, much more than the new and discussed race title of EA

Basic consumer product: The ten most successful game consoles of all time

Have you ever wondered why only Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have stayed to compete in the home game machine market? This article will explain the reasons for this

Goodbye and Goodbye: The ten failed consoles of all time

Too early, too expensive, just bad or all together: Meet the gaming machines no one wanted to buy

This is a great opening season for the great 2015 Winter Games

The Yovisoft London Assassins and Hilo's first new generation of consoles receive a warm welcome from the visitors

More successful processing? First glimpse of Ratchet & Clank as a movie

The pair of mascots that was leading Sony of the previous generation of consoles will get a full movie of his own next year, and like the angry birds here also seems to have potential for a beautiful success

Just Cause 3 will begin to sow destruction in the Middle East at 1 in December

The third installment of the action series in an open world seems particularly crazy, and will reach us at the end of the year

Start Over: Mass Effect Andromeda has been announced, and wants you to forget about the past

Have you missed? BioWare's futuristic role-playing series comes back with a brand-new galaxy and story line

Dante, Vergil and Friends: Devil May Cry returns in enhanced version with 5 figures

An upgraded version of the fourth game of the Capcom series will come this summer for PC and new consoles - with challenging turbo mode and no less than five different characters you can play with

The gaming world in shock: GTA V to PC postponed, again

For the second time in the last six weeks, the PC version of one of the best games in the past decade, GTA V, is being postponed - this time for another month

Remotr: PC games on your smartphone

Have you ever wanted to play on your computer while you're in bed? Or are you in the middle of an amazing move and you must go to the bathroom? Get to know Remotr, the app that lets you play on your computer through your smartphone

Who needs consoles? PlayStation games on Samsung smart TVs

New TVs from the Korean manufacturer, which will be exposed in about a week at CES, will support the transmission of 200 games over PS3 through Sony PlayStation Now

GTA V numbers: 33 million players, 224 countries and 2.3 billion hours of gameplay

We all know that the fifth major title of the Grand Theft Auto series is huge, and new data from the developer helps her illustrate how much