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Gilded and gilded: the festive version of the Radeon RX 5700 XT

The new and promising Navi model will also be part of the 50 year celebrations for the founding of AMD

Meet the new Radeon gaming team

The E3 conference began and AMD is holding its next Next Horizon Gaming event with new hardware. Let's get to know the very promising screen cards on the way

Meet the Radeon RX 5000 series - Navi's debut

AMD gives us a teaser for the new video cards that it is expected to launch later this summer at E3 with performance that will threaten the GeForce RTX 2070

50 celebrates in style: AMD will launch festive versions of its products

The red chip developer is about to start its 100th anniversary celebrations with exclusive versions of the Radeon VII, the Ryzen 7 2700X processor and more

Getting ready for the big launch? AMD will deliver the opening event of the Computex 2019 exhibition

CEO of chip developer will take center stage at Taiwan's largest hardware exhibition at the end of next month - and the network are convinced that the timing will be used to announce both a new generation of processors and a new generation of video cards

Sapphire RX 590 Nitro Video Card Review: Excellent engineering and tough competition

The availability is good, prices are going down and performance is good - how does AMD's RX 590 handle competitors? We took the creation of Sapphire for a comprehensive review

There is no Navi in ​​his city: AMD's new-era graphics cards may only arrive at the end of the year

The Navi generation, which is expected to inherit Polaris and Vega at the same time, may be delayed and reach us later than expected

Catch Me If You Can: The performance of the Radeon VII is revealed

AMD has been able to create impressive and advanced models with respect to all that preceded them - and at the same time disappointing

AMD unveils the Radeon VII - a graphics card that will try to slow down the Geforce RTX

AMD's Radeon power first comes to levels that featured graphics cards like GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 2080 with the new Radeon VII - the first ever 7 in nm

Sales liquidation began? Meet the best Radeon cards around

Radeon RX 580 leads at a great price or Radeon RX 570 modest at minimal cost? You just have to choose

New Details on Xe, a Brand of Intel Graphics Cards

The plans to create custom graphics cores and graphics cards based on them are not disappearing, but are gaining momentum - with a growing architecture that will fit both the most modest home solutions and the world of servers and information centers

Believe the rumors? These are AMD's future processors and graphics cards

A YouTube channel that had previously predicted the details of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX generation now purports to provide us with the technical details of 2019's Ryzen and Radeon processors

The next generation of Radeon: computational learning without restraint

The Vega architecture moves to 7 nanometer with impressive performance and capabilities - for servers and professionals in the first stage

Radeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge

Increased frequency, increased price - and much more power consumed: The Radeon RX 590 cards are officially launched anywhere

The MacBook Pro is now even more expensive

AMD's new Radeon Pro cards are officially added to Apple's upgrade offerings - and prices are not cheap at all

All ready to launch: Radeon RX 590 models leak to the network

The technical details about the recent evolution of the Polaris architecture are validated from several sources, and now we seem to be in a moment before the official announcement that you will also disclose the intended prices

The following AMD video cards are exposed to performance test (updated)

The successor to the Vega 10 and the Radeon RX 590 demonstrate their potential performance improvements as clearly as possible to date

Return of the Radeon RX: quality hardware operations on the network

You have a golden opportunity to get the great Radeon RX 580 for a little more than 1,000 new shekels - and even get three recent games with it

ASRock's plan: Brand Phantom Gaming also motherboards

The new brand of the popular company born with the entry into the graphics card industry will soon become the name that leads to all its most advanced products?

From here you can only come down? Pascal graphics card price shrinks (updated)

In the shadow of the introduction of the expensive Turing models, the price of NVIDIA's previous generation graphics cards is dropping to levels that will allow them to continue to be a logical alternative until the completion of inventories

Three Free Games: AMD's Response to GeForce RTX?

We still do not hear too much information about the possible launch of new processing products from NVIDIA's main competitor - but those who choose to buy their intermediate models will be able to get three big games at no extra cost

The surprising roadmap: AMD without new gaming cards for 2018?

Information coming to us from ASRock contradicts previous reports of possible plans for launching Vega and Polaris cards

Approaching the Holy Land? ASRock's graphics cards come to Europe and the Middle East (updated)

Despite initial announcements, the popular Phantom Gaming brand will bring its Radeon cards to markets close to us

The countdown begins: Intel's graphics cards will come in 2020

The competition for GeForce and Radeon has a time frame on the way to launch - but we'll all have to be patient with a lot of patience

NVIDIA Vs World: The End

The attempt to limit the use of NVIDIA proprietary graphics cards by NVIDIA brands failed, following strong responses from both the purchasers and the main competitor