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The first Kaby Lake-G computers on the way to the market from HP, Dell and ASUS?

Details from new models from test pools indicate that Intel's first processors integrating AMD's Vega cores will reach the mobile world

Add to collection: Introducing PowerColor's new external graphics cards

The TUL brand of Taiwan displays a large external case with broad support and a price tag that is not easy to digest

Passing to the competitor: AMD's Radeon team leader stepped down

Shortly after he took a three-month family vacation, Raja Kodori officially left his prestigious role in the chip developer - and will lead the new dedicated video card development team at Intel

Rest: The head of the graphics card division at AMD goes on a three-month vacation

After two demanding years in the job in which he managed to return some of the lost commercial power to the red chip developer, Raja Kodori will temporarily replace him

Red Winner: Radeon Vega 56 lands in stores

After the disappointments in the performance, prices and availability of the Radeon Vega 64 in all its forms, the reduced and liquid fireplace reaches the market and manages to soften the situation

AMD's financial report makes it clear: feel the Ryzen in the air

The chipmaker's financial report still does not allow for a real reversal of its situation, but it also includes several reasons for important optimism

A day before the exposure: these are the new gaming cards of AMD

The design (final?) Of the new Radeon Vega cards for gamers was exposed just before the scheduled date - with a standard version, a limited edition and also versions with water cooling

Three is enough? Up-to-date information on the major Radeon Vega models

New information on the net indicates that we will receive three current gaming models in the immediate future, possibly supplemented by improved intermediate models to be launched later

Recent benchmark results give reasons for optimism for Radeon Vega

Will the future gaming model of AMD be more powerful than the GeForce GTX 1080, despite everything?

The Radeon Vega FE launched: a disappointing preliminary sign?

The new professional and creative card carries a starting price tag of $ 1,000 and includes a dedicated mode for gaming - but also performance that makes us wonder about the potential of gaming models on the way based on the core of the Vega

Even with passive cooling: AMD is launching its answer to Tesla with the Vega core

The Radeon Instinct cards are interested in a piece of the computational learning pie and confirm the power envelope of the new generation architecture

Meet the Radeon RX 540: A small and cost-effective addition to the new computers

With minimal public relations, AMD is launching a new graphics card for the basic market, which could be a viable alternative to the graphics core of the processors

The new Radeon cards arrive tomorrow, and the technical details are fully exposed

The Radeon RX 500 generation was revealed in detail, a few days before the practical launch

Old cores, new production technology: More details on Radeon RX 500

AMD's new generation of graphics cards will come a little late, but should offer us a wider range and upgraded efficiency to justify its existence

Against all odds: Intel processors with AMD built-in graphics cores

A new rumor promises us unprecedented cooperation between the two big rivals already this year

The wait does not end: new technical details about AMD Vega are revealed

After the intriguing countdown, the technical components are exposed to the ultra-advanced Vega core from the chipmaker. Is there a real competition for NVIDIA Pascal?

Next Star: All recent leaks about AMD's new Polaris generation

New leaks about AMD's upcoming graphics card are already here: Is this a product that the successors have been waiting for? All new details inside

King of the new virtual reality: AMD launches the Radeon Pro Duo

The chipmaker replicates its Fuji cores with a dual-core dual-core card under the name Radeon Pro Duo, which comes with a prominent focus on the virtual world of reality, and monstrous data that makes it the world's most powerful card at the moment

It's time to download: Updated drivers for NVIDIA and AMD

Want to get the best out of Rise of the Tomb Raider and be ready for The Division? Do not forget to update your GeForce Experience or Crimson

Meet Polaris: AMD's new generation architecture for graphics core

The new generation of chip cards will be based on an updated architecture under a new name after five years of GCN

Official: The double Radeon Fury X2 was postponed to next year

A minority of leading titles supporting quadratic cores have led the chip developer to postpone the launch of its most powerful video card

Year of 2016 by AMD: support for full 5K, FreeSync screens for mobile and other surprises

The graphics core developer claims to align itself with NVIDIA on almost all fronts in the coming year, and even skip over to technological leadership

Guide to assembling the computer that will kill the console: Winter 2015

A new year is on the way, and it's time to bring you an updated version of the guide that will give you the most quality gaming at a minimum price

Get the best out of the graphics card: the complete graphics setup guide

Many video games now offer photorealistic graphics, but one that has many confusing parameters: What is Vsync or MSAA? What settings should you turn on or off and what exactly do they give? You will find all the answers here

A real competition for Intel? Samsung will begin manufacturing chips for AMD

A new report states that the two companies have reached a major agreement that both the processors and the graphics core of the red actress will be created based on the LPP process in the 14 nanometer