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Advanced version: The Galaxy Note 7 will also be offered with 6GB of RAM and 128GB for storage

Samsung's new tablet features a decent amount of dynamic memory and built-in storage, but there's probably an even more expensive and expensive version in the design

The Galaxy Note 7 is offered for early purchase, and the price is very large

Samsung's tablet is rapidly approaching stores, but the cost is higher than ever before

See: Galaxy Note 7 in action

The launch of the new and intriguing tablet comes in a few days, and the network is loaded with countless information that purports to take the sting out of Samsung's big event

View: The Galaxy Note 7 retina scanner in a purpose view

This new video purports to prove to us beyond a doubt that Samsung's new tablet does include another new layer of security

Watch: New XFUM 7 and Galaxy Note 7 images

New images that have found their way to the Internet show the new flagship devices from Apple and Samsung

Add color to life: This basic smartphone gives us a glimpse into the future of Samsung

The Galaxy J2 2016 includes a technical specification that will probably make you yawn, but also a new single feature that will reportedly become the new standard on the company's devices

Nice to meet: this is how the Galaxy Note 7 looks

The quick leaver Owen Blass does it again, and provides us with a number of seemingly official photos of the next tablet from Samsung, which will be revealed in just one month

Galaxy Note 7: All technical details are exposed

The popular levee Owen Blass gives another credential stamp for Samsung's next flagship smartphone specification, which will probably be unveiled at 2 in August

Galaxy S7 Active Revealed: Again amazing, again unavailable for purchase?

The US operator AT & T unveils the technical specifications of the tough and tough version of Samsung's flagship product, but will this time be exclusive to it and otherwise unattainable?

What remains for the new? Galaxy Note 6 data is being exposed (updated)

Samsung's next major challenge will be to create a tablet that can compete with its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Here are all the details we know right now

The maker of the HTC 10 has been exposed and surprisingly good

Despite the great skepticism surrounding it, the new flagship device that is officially unveiled now feels like the best smartphone that the Taiwanese company has produced since the original One M7

Touching distance from a flagship device: Samsung officially launches the advanced Galaxy A9 Pro

The Korean manufacturer has introduced an improved version of its tablet in China, with larger volumes and a peak capacity battery

Does he have a chance? The international launch of the LG G5 begins at 31 in March

LG's new flagship smartphone, which will compete with Samsung's successful and successful duo, will start reaching customers around the world beginning this month, and the Holy Land will also land soon.

The Galaxy S7 devices land in the Holy Land with surprising prices

Samsung's new carrier duo, which has been praised throughout the chain, has also begun to be sold in Israel at amounts that are several hundred shekels lower than the previous generation

The Galaxy S7 Edge sold much more than the Galaxy S7

Recent reports suggest that the more expensive version and the front end of the flagship handset is selling significantly better than the standard version, and both are on the way to breaking the early order record

Samsung Unveils Fastest and Highest Volume Storage for Smartphones

The next generation of storage chips from the Korean giant looks very impressive, with an impressive maximum volume of 256 gigabytes and speeds of up to 850 megabytes per second

Xiaomi's flagship smartphone purports to break records in performance tests

The new Mi 5 uses the leading Snapdragon 820 chip with a relatively modest FullHD screen, and promises to deliver test results that will leave dust even for the new Samsung and LG models

The G5 and the Galaxy S7 will not be able to use their microSD cards to run applications

The new flagship devices from LG and Samsung, which offer relatively modest internal storage space along with microSD card slots that can expand it, will not offer support for the new and interesting capability that is part of the Android Marshmallow system

Almost unchanged: these will be the prices of the Galaxy S7 in Israel

Official importer prices for the new Samsung models will be similar to those launched with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge a little less than a year ago

Xiaomi Mi 5 provides a winning specification for less than 400 dollars

The Chinese manufacturer unveiled its new flagship device with a Snapdragon 820 chip, agile storage, a thin metallic body and the cost of buying two instead of a single Galaxy S7 or LG G5

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge will be available only in 32GB volume in Europe and the United States

Unwanted side effects of the microSD comeback? A new report claims that Samsung will market its flagship devices in Western markets with only the smallest internal storage capacity

Watch: The Galaxy S7 looks inside, including its heat pipe and water seal

The network did not wait too long and already dismantled Samsung's new flagship device to find out what's inside and what makes it fluid

All the interesting details to know about the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Exynos version is probably the one that will reach us in the Holy Land, the internal storage will be very agile but relatively modest, and what about the price? Here's the important information to know about Samsung's new and impressive pair

Galaxy S7 announcement: all updates inside

After the impressive display of LG, it's time to find out what Samsung has prepared for 2016, and especially if there is still something that has not been revealed in the preliminary leaks

Innovation Award: Unlocked The LG G5 was officially launched with a modular structure and lots of friends

LG's new flagship device is a very significant change from the predecessor and a brave direction of the company in general, but one specific feature may hurt it