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Continues to wink at the masses: Samsung introduces an ultra-cheap fitness bracelet

After the significant reduction in the Galaxy A smart devices, a contributing factor of the wearable means is also coming down to the people - thanks to the Galaxy Fit e

The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Introducing the Galaxy A60 and the Galaxy A40s which were introduced for the Chinese market, with large batteries in the best modern tradition of the company

The device folds, Samsung folds up? Galaxy Fold launch rejection (updated: official announcement)

The ultra-luxury smartphone, due to reach stores around the world next week, may be delayed due to reports of a variety of technical problems - at least in some markets

New guests in Israel: Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A20

Samsung's mid-market attack continues with a pair of new models - one of which has a particularly impressive battery capacity

Galaxy A80 is one of the most interesting smartphones around

The new middle model of the market leader completely raises the screen's fault for an unusual mechanical mechanism - including the latest chip from Qualcomm

The winning selection: Galaxy Note 10 may be available in four different versions

After the success of the Galaxy S10 triple family, it seems that Samsung is ready to take the idea a step further in the second half of the year

The Galaxy A devices are even cheaper

Samsung confirms that its A series inherits the Galaxy J series from earlier years - and now you can find models in Israel at a starting price of only NIS 500

Samsung's new style: Is this the true look of the Galaxy A90?

The company's most prestigious smartphone is once again exposed in a different design - but still with a mechanical mechanism that will turn the main camera into a SLF camera when necessary

New outstanding mid-market: Galaxy A70 was exposed with a great capacity battery

The senior brother of the new Galaxy A family, at least for now, has a large screen, lots of dynamic memory and other surprises

The obvious improvement? A new fast charger from Samsung to up to 25 watts

The Galaxy S5 10G will be offered with a charger that is supposed to be significantly faster than the other flagship devices from the giant company. Is there undeclared support for other models that can provide competition for developments from Huawei and its like?

Maximum battery life: Samsung's new middleware was launched in Israel

Shyumi, behind you? The Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50 seem to be offering direct competition for the successful Redmi Note family

The largest and most advanced Galaxy S10 gets a launch date

The 5G version of Samsung's flagship device will arrive early next month - only in its source country

NISNXX and above: The Galaxy S3,000 will arrive in Israel next week

The aggressive marketing system is already at its peak, and early orders for the NIS 99 advance have already begun - from the beginning of next week we will be able to find Samsung's new triad on the store shelves

Israeli Technology Inside: Oppo Unveils Up to 10 Smartphone with No Loss of Quality

The next technological development of the Chinese manufacturer will come to the market as a real product in the second quarter of 2019

The Roots of the Revolution Samsung and Huawei are offering compact SSDs of 32 terabytes

After Seagate's record-breaking exposure, two actresses are rushing to raise the bar to an even higher level using massive volumes in a minimal 2.5-inch configuration

Samsung has unveiled the fourth generation of V-NAND to SSD drives in imaginary volumes

The Korean giant also has three-dimensional NAND chips with 64 layers, and storage density we have not yet met

Samsung's team: These are the most successful Android devices on the market

Recent data indicate total control of the Korean company in the market, both in the expensive and in the discounted field

All the details: Samsung unveiled the new generation Galaxy Note

Samsung is finally launching its new and powerful tablet. All details are from the Galaxy Unpacked in New York

View: The Galaxy Note 7 retina scanner in a purpose view

This new video purports to prove to us beyond a doubt that Samsung's new tablet does include another new layer of security

Revolution: Samsung is unveiling tiny UFS cards for storage expansion, with SSD drive performance

When we thought we had seen everything that UFS had to fix, Samsung came up and proved that we were wrong with an application that threatens to make microSD cards redundant

Continues to lead: Samsung announces mass production of DDR4 by 10 nanometers

The giant Korean company today announced the opening of production lines to produce DDR4 memory chips in the world's most advanced manufacturing process

Official introduction to the Vivo Xplay 5 smartphone: the new king of RAM in the market

As promised, the ambitious Chinese manufacturer is unveiling an ultra-high-end flagship smartphone with dual convex screen and 6GB peak volume RAM

Best deals on Samsung microSD cards, now in Amazon

Expansion cards for your Korean giant Evo's smartphones and tablets are now available at discounted prices in the online store

Samsung: 4 SSD SSDs and new discounted models on the way

The technology giant confirms that it will launch 4TB peak volume models for its 850 EVO and 850 Pro series, as well as bringing the 750 EVO family of products to the Western market

Only in the coming hours: Samsung 850 EVO drive with 120GB volume and 210 price

If you are looking for a well-known SSD drive at the lowest possible price, you should keep reading