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Celebrate with Star Wars: The Steam Specials

Star Wars Day brings with it a week of cheap gaming, and they're not alone

Watch: The new Star Wars movie gets a first trailer and an official name

The last trilogy will try to get back on track after the failure of Solo last year

The best deals for Star Wars official holiday

The official day of the series of immortal films from George Lucas is back here, and with it spoiled discounts and also opened for the next film chapter in the brand

Get ready for new Star Wars movies - from the creators of the Games of Thrones

Disney Studios have given the two famous and respected writers the reins of new filmmaking in the largest cinematic universe of all

Star Wars: The last of the Jedi became the most popular movie of the year 2017 (updated)

Although launched just two weeks ago, the new chapter in the biggest brand is gaining hits with dizzying speed and ending the year as the most successful movie in the entire United States

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - First place

As expected, the launch of the new science fiction saga became the biggest event of the year in the United States - but failed to overshadow the science fiction of Win Diesel and his friends in a global calculation

Everything is ready for breaking records: the new Star Wars is raging at movie theaters

With rave reviews comparable to those who got the best movie in the series just before 40 a year, the eighth episode of the Star Wars Saga is ready to become the biggest Hollywood hit of the year

NVIDIA's surprise: Star Wars style graphics cards

The collector versions of the Titan Xp are revealed as designs inspired by the dark side and bright side of the immortal series of films

Breaking the Web: New Video for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

A fresh trailer to the next major trilogy that comes in two months will sweep over 20 million hits on YouTube in less than a day

Find out what's new in Star Wars Battlefront 2 now - and for free

One of the candidates for the best selling title of the year began his free online beta exams - and you are invited to join

Celebrate with Star Wars: Online discounts for best games

One of the most famous and popular brands in the world celebrates its 40th birthday, with promotions of course

Indie Returns From Retirement And Star Wars Closes Trilogy: Disney Future Films

After we have received dates for future Avatar films, it is time to catch up on Walt Disney's plans for the next few years

Watch: Open to 2017's largest boxer

Disney gives us the first trailer for the eighth episode of the Star Wars series, which will try to transcend the giant success of its predecessor

Worth the wait? Star Wars Battlefront 2 On the way with a single-player feature mode

Almost all of EA Games' heaviest guns are recruited to make the new action game a huge success

The Last Jedi: 11 Months By launch, Disney's PR machine is back into action

At the same time that Rogue One is successfully crossing a $ 1 billion cinema revenue, Disney is announcing a new official name for the eighth episode of the Star Wars series, which will arrive in December 2017

The power is not with him: he opened an academy for Jedi and won the prosecution

At Disney, they were not, to put it mildly, enthusiastic about an American guy's initiative to impart the secrets of fighting with swords to anyone

Approaching launch: Watch the new trailer for the new Star Wars movie

The next hit in the successful series continues to show a lot of potential in his second full trailer. Is there a chance that he will approach the success of the 'awakening force'?

Official Trailer For The New Star Wars Movie

First full-length look at 2016's largest cashier?

Star Wars Battlefront continues to grow: a new mode without the need to connect to the network and collaborate with a movie

The DICE online action game is being updated again: The EA distributor lists the content update plans, which will continue to arrive at least until the end of the year

Do you have virtual reality glasses? Now you can feel like Jedi, free

A small and particularly impressive virtual reality game lands in the Steam platform store for HTC Vive users

A gift for fans: Fresh footage from the new Star Wars series

A few months after the initial official trailer and a few months before the grandiose launch, we get new documentation and details from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ultimate Collector Item: Those Star Wars hovercraft will conquer you

The collaboration between Disney and Propel has given birth to some of the brightest stealths ever created, but it will not be cheap to get them

Heaven for Seafarers: Ten more free games you should know

Did you list the titles we brought you months ago and are you thirsty for some more action that does not require you to take out your wallet? This article is for you

The unofficial Star Wars day came, with promotions and discounts in every corner

GOG and Steam online stores offer 77 fans a symbolic discount, and EA will give you 4 hours to experience Star Wars Battlefront free of charge

Have you missed? Four new Avatar movies on their way to us

Cameron's cinematic science fiction world continues to swell, and will now include a fifth episode that will probably be the introduction to the huge box office that came in 2009