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Droppbox and Opera

Using Dropbox or Opera? It's time to exchange passwords

Hacks into the servers of the two popular service providers put millions of users at risk

Reliability Rising: The latest hard drive failure data is being exposed

Backblaze Storage Solutions publishes the Quarterly Reliability Report for the hard drives it uses

A new breakthrough: storing information in individual atoms into volumes that are difficult to describe

Delft laboratories in the Netherlands have developed a revolutionary storage technology that enables the storage of information through atoms: a special interview with the Chief Scientist of the project

Invent a creative slogan for SanDisk's SSD and win one mobile Winners

"The last slowness you will need to experience is the shipment of Israel Post" - the following are the best winners and slogans at the launch event of SanDisk's portable SSD

Returning to the game: Plextor will expose an advanced SSD drive

The Taiwanese manufacturer Lite-On is preparing to launch the M8PE drive, with the PCI-Express 3.0 interface, the NVMe controller and a promise for outstanding performance

Minimum size, maximum speed: Samsung launches high-performance microSD card

The Korean giant may have given up storage slots to its flagship devices this year, but that does not mean it gives up the entire microSD market

SanDisk Extreme Pro Extreme Drive Available for Low Price in Amazon (Updated)

One of the fastest USB drives in the world is available for purchase at a great price, only for the next few hours

Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM memories in unprecedented volumes

More volume, less money: The Sandisk Ultra II Sandisk Ultra II drive

The Sandisk Ultra II is an SSD that offers respectable volumes for a relatively low price tag. How does he do it, and how does he work?

Almost SSD: Kingston Launches New and Fast USB Drives

The new HyperX Savage drives boast their ability to reach speeds of up to 350 megabytes per second

Another Pampering from Amazon: Samsung's 850 EVO drive in terabyte capacity and discounted

An exceptionally generous SSD drive from Samsung is being offered at a significant discount in Amazon UK

Comeback: The SanDisk Ultra II drive is now available at an even more attractive price

The operation on SanDisk's SSDs returns to Amazon, this time with an even better price for the 960GB model

Now at Amazon: Seagate hard drives at surprising sales prices

Very good prices for 3 terabytes and 6 terabytes at 7200RPM, which should be exploited as soon as possible

Another impressive operation: SanDisk SSDs at a particularly low price in Amazon

SSDs at prices approaching only one shekel per gigabyte and other storage products are offered at great prices now on the site of the largest retailer

Samsung is preparing new SSD drives

After launching an expensive and expensive M.2 drive, a new document reveals that the next goal of the hardware giant is to provide us with a new series of simple SSDs for the masses

Counter-current: Smartphone The McIxtarter cloud is available for early purchase

The Nextbit Robin smartphone, which claims to incorporate cloud storage as an integral part of it and has been a good success on the mass-financing platform, is available for purchase for 400 Dollar

Another big deal: Western Digital will buy SanDisk at 19 billion

The maker of hard drives is set to leapfrog into the world of flash chips with the acquisition of the US chip maker and developer

The largest technology deal ever: Dell buys EMC storage platform manufacturer

The computer giant is going to become even more aggressive with the announcement of the acquisition of the server storage array specialist. The price of the deal? 67 BILLION DOLLARS

Now in the forums: Let's contribute information to the volume storage buffer

Do you have hard drives that have recently lost their soul, old SSDs that are still alive and kicking? Share the information with us so we can create a smarter, smarter storage pool based on the wisdom of the masses

Still alive and kicking: A new 6TB hard drive for home users

Western Digital expands its Black product line with a new 6 terabyte drive, reminding us that the older technology can still be relevant

New Peak: Get to know your Zenfone 2 smartphone with built-in storage 256GB

Did you think that 128GB's built-in storage space is impressive? Bassus continues to perfect their flagship device and present a version with unprecedented double volume

Toshiba's TSV technology will allow us to get enhanced SSDs, even with planar chips

The technology for connecting layers of flash chips through silicon itself is beginning to take shape in the commercial world, and will help us get more efficient and faster SSDs in increased volumes

Teclast's tablet will give you windows and Android simultaneously, in one nice package

Want an iPad-like tablet that gives you access to Microsoft and Google systems at less than half of Apple's prices? You've come to the right place

SanDisk makes SSD drives with a volume of 8 terabytes

Do not 2 or 4 terabytes really impress you? SanDisk plans to launch 2.5 SSD drives in 8 terabytes in the coming year

Seeing results: Samsung launches SSNs with a volume of 4 terabytes

The Korean giant's new enterprise drives take advantage of the V-NAND technology to provide us with an extremely high volume