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Zoon: Tomb Raider


Corner of nostalgia: GEX games The Gecko

Remember the nostalgic and unique games of starring the Talking Lizard? Join us on a journey in time with a series of games that have become a kind of cult

The most powerful woman in the game world: The story behind Tomb Raider

How was one of the most well-known virtual female characters ever created in the world, and why was it almost forever disappearing somewhere in the middle of the previous decade? Let's hear and see the story of Lara Croft

These are the system requirements of Rise of the Tomb Raider on personal computers

Lara Croft's new adventure will expand to the PC at the end of the month, and now we know which system we'll need to get the best out of

The best and disappointed: The launch season continues with Need for Speed ​​and Black Ops 3

The new title starring Lara Croft and the new installment of the Call of Duty series are making a positive impression on the visitors, much more than the new and discussed race title of EA

Tomb Raider and Sniper Elite games at Steam Store discounts

Like to snipe at Nazis and explore antiques in exotic locations? Now you can do it cheaply

A new and good world: AMD releases the Catalyst Omega driver

The drivers, which come just in time for the holidays and the New Year, offer new support for the 5K resolution, support for 24 concurrently, the implementation of Virtual Super Resolution technology,

2014 Black Friday Specials - Happy Holidays for all gamers (updated)

As part of the annual tradition of the Steam Games service, thousands of games are receiving huge discounts for the coming week only. So what are you waiting for?

Tomb Raider: All reviews for the new game are here

The Tomb Raider series has known quite a few downsides in its life, but Crystal Dynamics decided to try and revive the brand. Did they succeed?

Crisys is not: System requirements of Tomb Raider were exposed

Looking forward to Lara Croft's new and innovative adventure? Let's see if your system can carry it

Tomb Raider: More about the gameplay

A new set of images and a fresh play video give us another look at re-booting the old adventure games series

Tomb Raider - New Details

The launch of the famous game series will offer 15 hours of play, open world elements and other surprises

Players will want to protect the new Lara Croft

Ron Rosenberg, the game's producer, says the players this year will feel the need to protect Lara Croft, unlike previous games where she was fearless and uninhibited

E3 - Microsoft Trailers

Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Halo 4 and more. We've brought you all the hot trailers from the Microsoft conference.