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Completed USB standard 3.2: transfer speeds of 20 gigabits per second starting next year

New controllers will allow information to be transferred a bit faster between our computers and storage, even without relying on the Thunderbolt 3

The new important device: USB 3.2 dual transfer speed

The organization responsible for promoting the most common external data connection standard is trying to fight back to Thunderbolt 3

Introducing the Plexor External Drive: A proper use for the USB Type C

The veteran brand will try to provide quality competition for the products of Samsung and SanDisk
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You encountered a USB drive from an unknown source? Do not rush to use it

A new method of distributing digital ransom programs reminds us that it is not recommended to use external storage devices that are not quite clear where they came from

Important to know: There is a way to use a USB drive anywhere without fearing malicious files

A small number of USB drives offer physical write protection and thus can protect us from infecting malware and deleting data when used with foreign computer stands

VisionTek's fearsome USB drives, now even in larger volumes

One of the fastest series of USB drives on the market is three new models, with generous volumes of up to 512 gigabytes

SanDisk Extreme Pro Extreme Drive Available for Low Price in Amazon (Updated)

One of the fastest USB drives in the world is available for purchase at a great price, only for the next few hours

Asrock's new board is trying to bring the 3.1 USB to the masses

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new competitive motherboard offers a pair of up-to-date 2 USB connections at a price that does not rip the pocket

Almost SSD: Kingston Launches New and Fast USB Drives

The new HyperX Savage drives boast their ability to reach speeds of up to 350 megabytes per second

Another impressive operation: SanDisk SSDs at a particularly low price in Amazon

SSDs at prices approaching only one shekel per gigabyte and other storage products are offered at great prices now on the site of the largest retailer

Core i7 6700K CPU Review - Meet SkyLike

Intel's new generation processors go into the air of the world, and we go out to see exactly what they can do and how it affects the market

Returning Lightning Matters: Thunderbolt 3 turns to USB on steroids

The third-generation dedicated interface from Intel offers peak rates and user friendliness for a change thanks to the adoption of the physical connector of the new USB Type C

SanDisk Introduces: Portable 2 SSD Drive

SanDisk's mobile drives will allow you to move a lot of information with you, and up to 850 megabits per second

The computer-on-the-USB drive of Intel comes to the shops, hijacked as hot cakes

A few months after Chipzilla officially announced its tiny and impressive Compute Stick computer, it landed in online stores - at winking prices that help inventory disappear in less than 24 hours

Google's new mobile: cheaper, stronger - but still a strange bird

Google is launching an updated version of its prestigious Pixel Chromebook. Will this time consumers be persuaded to prefer it over windows-based ultrabooks?

Long live the speed: ASRock launches expansion cards and motherboards with USB 3.1

As the 3.1 USB device approaches the hands of the average consumer, ASRock launches two expansion cards with various device connections, in addition to motherboards supporting this new version

USB 3.1: Faster, more convenient and soon for you

With the slow support of the market in the 3.0 USB standard, which only recently showed real signs of life, we are looking at the new 3.1 standard which is expected to bring with it a number of upgrades that every user will be happy to receive

Now it's official: a USB drive that is a complete computer, from Intel

Several months after some diligent Chinese manufacturers have already begun to sell them, Intel is introducing another cool use for its atom chips - an entire PC that has been compressed into a USB drive

VisionTek Introduces: USB Drive with SSD Performance

The drive, which the company is displaying in volumes of 120 and 240 gigabytes, claims to perform similarly to those of full-size SSDs

Microsoft is launching a competitor to Chromacast

The wireless adapter business, which began big with Apple TV, is attracting more and more companies, and today Microsoft is launching a Miracast standard

USB 3.1 will transfer information, video and power to the same socket

The USB 3.1 Type C update that will allow a USB cable to connect in any mode receives another twist, with VESA completely changing the connection and the way it works

All the information about the new Ulus Ript

A new version of the virtual reality device Oculus Rift has come out and offers an enhanced experience at 350 dollars

The new micro USB standard will enter any mode

Did you try to connect USB for the first time? The new microprocessor that will be launched this year will solve the problem

USB 3.1 on the way - Prepare for an unprecedented speed

The final and official specification of the USB 3.1 standard has been completed, which will allow for maximum data transfer at a speed of 10 Gigabit per second, twice the speed that enables the USB standard 3.0

The next generation of the Thunderbolt connection was exposed

Intel introduced the next generation of its Thunderbolt connection, which will support up to 20Gb / s in any direction and display of 4K