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3.0 USB Connections with Dual Speed ​​- Coming Soon

CES 2013: The group responsible for the development of the USB standard promises to fight back to Apple's Thunderbolt and Intel with a transmission speed of up to 10 Gigabit per second - next year

Kingston is breaking records with terabyte USB memory

CES 2013: If you think that USB flash memory in 16GB or 32GB volumes is simply not enough, Kingston has new USB drives in 512GB and 1TB volumes just for you

Goal Zero announces a portable and compact solar generator

Electricity in your hands? Goal Zero announced a small solar generator that can provide power through several different ports and has a strong battery for storing solar energy

Tobii will let you control any computer with just the look

Toby has developed technology to control the computer through your own perspective. Now they are starting to market a USB device to the screen that will implement the technology in Windows 8

Review: MK802-II - an Android computer for divorced salons

We tested the mini-on-the-drive computer that promises to turn any TV into a good android media computer. Was he on the job with dignity or should not he hurry to get rid of the good old land?

Do you have a free 1,130 and a need for USB memory?

Zana Design introduced the world a USB memory called Apophis whose price starts at 1,100 dollars and is made from a real meteor certified by experts

Xonar U3 of ASUS, mobile and powerful - in criticism

We checked what we had to give up when using a portable sound card and whether it was able to maintain the high standard set by the Xonar series

AMD is developing a competitor to Thunderbolt

The chip developer will offer an alternative to Intel technology that will integrate DisplayPort with USB 3.0

SATA faster, more powerful USB

SATA connection at 16Gbps speed and a USB connection that can provide up to 100 watts are under development

PCI Express 3.0, soon external connection

USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt not fast enough for you? What will you say about an 32Gbps connection?

26Tbps with the help of one laser

German scientists demonstrate the enormous potential inherent in optical communication

Intel is working on a connection that will offer bandwidth of 50Gbps

The Thunderbolt has not yet done its baptism, but Intel is already working on the next generation

USB has more to evolve

USB 3.0 really does not reach the end of the connection capabilities, which are evaluated in 25Gbps

9 gadgets without any use

It is not inconceivable that some of the hundreds of gadgets that go into the market each year will be useless ... but some of them are stupid to the bone and it is hard to understand how they went through the drawing board. In order to demonstrate to you how dismal the situation is, we have gathered for you many failed inventions from the world of gadgets

Quick as lightning: Get the Thunderbolt

Intel launches the Light Peak technology with a new name and impressive data

Intel will deploy USB support for 3.0

The Ivy Bridge chipsets will have built-in support for the USB 3.0 standard

ADATA N909 - Put eSATA into the mainstream

In this review, we will present an XATA 16 USB flash drive with an integrated eSATA interface with USB, which will make life easier for us to write or copy

External 2 terabyte drives head to head

We took four external 2 terabyte drives from iomega, Seagate, Western Digital, and Hitachi for a spin in our lab to see which of the four is paying for you

Transcend introduces USB products to 3.0

Transcend joins the celebration, with its own range of USB 3.0 products

Samsung Launches External Hard Drive With 3.0 USB Support

Samsung introduces the 3 STORY Station - an external drive in the 3.0 USB interface

Gigabyte: H55 / H57 motherboards are available for purchase

Gigabyte adopts the 3.0 USB standard and integrates it into its new motherboards

USB 3.0 - Everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask

The new USB 3.0 standard will allow you to transfer HD movie in less than a minute - and load your player faster

USB 3.0 at 170 speed per megabyte per second

In an open presentation of the USB-IF organization, it was possible to see for the first time what the new generation of USB standard is really worth

USB - the right way to connect the screen?

DisplayLink displays a solution for transferring the display signal of your computer using a USB cable