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The glory of British creativity: McLaren unveils the amazing Speedtail

Meet the official successor of the legendary McLaren F1 from the nineties

The most expensive, the quickest: Bugatti built a super car in 21 million

The Bugatti Divo is a monster that could even make Veyron and the Chiron turn pale

Hybrid power

The Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO does not leave anyone else a chance - and cuts the fastest lap time in Nürburgring in about a minute

Red and Furious: AMD plans to launch Threadripper 2000 with Ferrari

Is the best platform for launching the next generation of Threadripper processors on the home track of one of the most desirable vehicle manufacturers? It certainly sounds like a refreshing change

Spotify's next surprise: your car audio system? (Updated)

The announcement that it is preparing the largest streaming platform for music could make it official for a gadget maker as well

Wireless charging for your future car, courtesy of Qualcomm

The chip booth at CES 2018 was a good display of the Snapdragon 845 chip - and a glimpse of the wireless transmission speeds of 7 gigabit per second and electric cars that charge without an electrical connection

Mazda introduces: a new and highly efficient diesel engine - that works on gasoline

The new development of the Japanese car company sounds strange enough, but should be an interesting competition for the world of electric vehicles

The deal that brings the flying cars closer to the real world

The Chinese manufacturer of the Volvo brand is buying one of the world's most advanced and mature flying cars, perhaps on the road to practical commercial launch

Leads the gospel: Volvo will stop launching cars with a gasoline engine only within two years

The Swedish automaker is making an impressive announcement that could set a precedent for the entire market

Revolution complete: Aston Martin reveals her own tramcar

Will the largest and most famous automakers help turn the electric vehicles into the next default?

The new BMW motorcycle looks like it has come to us from the future

Even if you're not really in love with two-wheeled vehicles, there's a pretty good chance that the new concept from the German car giant will make you excited

A parallel future: Honda and GM continue to believe in hydrogen cars

While most manufacturers in the market throw everything they have into the electric car industry, American-Japanese cooperation will try to provide a clean and equally efficient alternative

Ford's upgraded auto-engine successfully disguises its advanced technology

The American automobile giant is presenting the new development in its attempts to create a future in which there is no need for human drivers

Honda's incredible motorcycle will come to you alone and will keep your stability in any situation

An impressive technology from the Japanese manufacturer makes the Ride Assist Motorcycle a perfect tool for new riders

The garment that could save the lives of the riders

A company called In & Motion has developed an innovative and unique set that can be used as an air cushion for motorcyclists and use additional two-wheeled tools

The first solar road in the world

A section of the first road of its kind in the world that knows how to exploit the sun's energy that shines above it for the production of electricity opens next to a small French village

Meet: This is the car with the craziest doors we've seen recently

A modest California car company has created a whole new category of doors in its powerful sports model

Tesla presents: A glimpse into the "brain" of the car traveling alone

A new video by the electric vehicle manufacturer is designed to give consumers increased confidence in the computerized systems that take control of the steering wheel

From zero to 100 in 2.7 Seconds: This is the fastest electric car in the world

The NIO EP9 looks like a spaceship and is designed to prove to the world that electric motors are better than internal combustion engines,

The new brilliance: Ford cars can be drunk and driven

The car manufacturer has developed a system that allows drinking water produced from a surprising source - the air conditioner
Autonomous truck

Another success for a truck traveling on its own

A subsidiary of Uber completed the first autonomous delivery of 50 a thousand alcoholic cans, on the way to a real revolution in the world of transport

Tesla's autonomous driving revolution begins now

The manufacturer of electric vehicles is landing another bomb on the market: from now on, every vehicle sold includes the hardware required to travel without the intervention of a person completely

Smart's pioneering announcement: electric versions for all cars

The Supercomputer brand does not offer too many different models, but from next year everyone will be available with pure-electric versions

Meet the car seat of the future

The Lexus luxury brand unveils an innovative, innovative chair for cars with synthetic spider web technology

The real heir to Top Gear lands in November

Have you missed Clarkson, May, and Hammond? Let's see the first trailer for their new program