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More Prime Day 2019 campaigns that you must check

Discounted offers in all versions of Amazon's online stores refuse to stop us

Hurry to buy: Fresh hardware deals in Amazon

Today's deals at the huge online store include a variety of storage products at great prices as always

Quickly before it's finished: External 4 terabyte hard drive at a funny price (updated)

A particularly large discount enables Western Digital's My Passport model to be purchased for less than NIS 250

Coming soon: Extra large volumes for known SSD drives (updated)

SSDs from Samsung and Western Digital are doubling

Not worth missing: NVM drives at very low prices (updated)

Quick models from Western Digital, Intel and Patriot manage to surprise us once again, after we thought we saw almost everything

SSD Drive at Unbeatable Price and More Surprises, Now in Amazon (Updated)

The impressive deals at Amazon are back for another spin - with a Sandisk-sized terabyte drive that can be yours for less than NISNUMX

Western Digital's NVME drives land in Israel (updated)

A few weeks after the initial launch, the new budget models that have become more agile are also available in our local market

SanDisk and Western Digital products, just today at Amazon

SSDs at very low prices, expansion cards and other surprises await you now in the huge online store

Next Generation USB Drive: Sandisk Unveils a 4 Terabyte Model

True, external SSDs with volumes up to 2 terabytes are very compact - but it turns out that even smaller configurations can be found to transmit information from place to place, and in particularly impressive volumes

Year of new technologies and new volumes: Western Digital's MAMR goes into high gear

The world's largest hard drives manufacturer joins its main competitor and promises us 16 terabyte models soon - with new technology that will ensure continued improvements in the field in the next decade

Getting creepy: First 15 hard drive

Its big competitor Seagate has promised to provide us with 16 terabyte drives before the end of this year - and meanwhile we are getting a new record in the form of 15 TR

External hard drive at great price, now in Amazon

Need a significant increase in the amount of storage available to you in your home? Now is the opportunity

Western Digital launches: Fast SSD drives with self-developed components

The new NVME models of the American manufacturer will be available in three different configurations, with a new independently developed controller and chips from the SanDisk subsidiary

Quick and sophisticated storage chips for your smartphones, from Toshiba and SanDisk

Using the new 3-D BiMS technology, you can get up to 256 gigabytes of storage with continuous transfer speeds that reach 900 megabytes per second - inside the device in your pocket

The microwave will save the situation: New technology promises us 40 terabyte hard drives

Western Digital believes that it has found the right way to bring new life to the world of mechanical storage drives: MAMR

Mechanical Warfare: 12 terabyte for the home market and 14 terabyte for servers

The new works of Seagate and Western Digital remind us that technological development is not stopping, even in the old and challenging category of hard drives

The complicated deal to acquire Toshiba's NAND chip division

Under an attempt to comply with Japan's regulatory laws, a buying group made up of some of the largest names in the computer market is approaching a giant deal worth 18 billion

Golden Drive: Western Digital launches a new hard drive 12 terabyte

The mechanical drives continue their slow climb in volume, and thanks to the helium gas

The updated SanDisk and Western Digital SSDs are landing in stores

The giant American company is also making the official transition to 3D NAND technology, and we are in the process of helping it shrink

The Western Digital external face lift continues

Want an 2.5-inch drive that has 4 terabytes of storage and can carry you anywhere? The updated My Passport series is here for you

SanDisk and Western Digital's most popular drives, today in 3D

The storage giant is making the leap for a new generation of 3-D NAND chips, and we hope for prices that will surprise us for the better

Western Digital Launches New 12 Drive

The American company is recruiting its HGST brand for an up-to-date family of storage products for the world of servers, including a drive with 8 rotating plates in helium gas with impressive volume

The revolution is complete: Western Digital introduces its own SSD drives

The acquisition of SanDisk has been completed, and now the maker of hard drives is ready to leap into the latest technology world with its two most popular brands

Stunning: a terabyte SD card

SanDisk and Western Digital showcase the next generation of tiny, removable external storage

Western Digital launches new 10 "gold" drive in terabyte

Shortly after Seagate broke the road to mechanical drives with unprecedented volume for the home market, its competitor is also moving to particularly generous volumes that will be available to more and more users