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Maximum screen: Asus's new ZenBook S13 is breaking records

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new laptop boasts a screen that is 97 percent of its overall dimensions - and the price is upscale accordingly

Advanced to Whiskey: ASUS is updating the ZenBook 14

New processors and up-to-date configurations are now available for the Taiwanese compact manufacturers

Another attempt to challenge Apple: Huawei launches a good and affordable 13 notebook

With three-core Whiskey Lake chips, an NVIDIA video card and a price tag that starts with 1,000 dollars - the new Matebook 13 is probably one of the most interesting premium handsets on CES 2019

Microsoft Orders Department: Time for the comeback of Surface?

Have you missed? A Microsoft launch event next month is expected to give us new Windows devices

Whiskey instead of coffee: Meet the new processors from Intel

The Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake families are here officially to give a boost to the compact and exclusive laptops