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Continues to flourish: 10 windows celebrates 200 million installations

The pace may have slowed, but overall momentum is certainly continuing, and Microsoft's new operating system is on the right track to its ambitious top goal

7 Important innovations in the great November update of Windows 10

Microsoft released the first massive update for its new operating system, and has a number of interesting additions

Not yet fully mature? The SteamOS system offers significantly lower gaming performance than 10 windows

A new examination paints a somewhat less rosy picture of the gaming capabilities of the new WALAV operating system than Microsoft's familiar counterpart

Will cost less than 3000 dollars? Asus may offer a competitor to HoloLens

After we discovered that the first version of Microsoft's rugged reality glasses would offer only a limited display space and cost a huge sum, the Taiwanese manufacturer might be an interesting alternative to provide us

Acer's advanced windows smartphone will come ready for use as a desktop computer

The Taiwanese manufacturer announces that the intriguing Jade Primo smartphone will come with a Continuum support platform, a keyboard and a mouse that will turn it into a type of desktop computer

Microsoft's first laptop feels like a MacBook Pro on steroids

The new Surface Book is even more expensive than the Surface Pro 4, but it may also be the most powerful computer you'll find at a pound and a half

The Surface Pro 4 is a sophisticated, expensive and wonderful tablet

The fourth generation of Microsoft's tablet is even more compact, diverse and powerful. Will it also finally be relevant for Israelis? Not sure

Windows 10 under Magnifier: A comprehensive overview of the new system

Hundreds of millions of users around the world have already received the news: Upgrade to the new system, Windows 10. Should we upgrade, and what exactly is waiting for us there? We are here to explain

Microsoft confirms and confirms: Windows 10 already runs on 110 million PCs

Free mass upgrades do the job, and the new version of Windows shows peak popularity only two months after it was launched

Microsoft Lumia 950 devices are great hardware that craves the right software

The pair of new Microsoft flagship devices in the mobile version of Windows are attractive and advanced, but is the program side truly ripe for competition against Android and iOS?

Microsoft's Evening: Bracelet, Smartphones, Tablet and even Competitor for Pro Bottle

The software giant continues to develop with its hardware business with a line of up-to-date and impressive products

Microsoft's new generation of smartphones was exposed ahead of time

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices are due to be unveiled this week, but it seems that Microsoft has already given us all the interesting information about them

First glimpse of Dell's advanced tablet competing with Surface Pro (updated)

The American manufacturer's XPS line will return to the world of tablets, this time with a full 10 window, an advanced 4K screen, and more

The Miix 700 is the international brother of the successful Surface Pro 3 tablet

Dream of a worthy Windows tablet but avoid the pricing and availability of the version from Microsoft? Lenovo has a very interesting offer for you

Open a new window: Microsoft's future flagship gadgets are smiling at the camera

The pair of Lumia 950 devices pop up in what looks like the first formal transformations

Games with old and infamous file protections will not be supported by 10 windows

Remember the Securom and SafeDisc technologies that made gamers have a hard life during the last decade? Windows 10 sees them as malware and will block using games that include them

10 windows already here, is it time to purchase a discounted tablet?

The new Microsoft system may breathe new life into modest tablets based on sealed chips, and the Chuwi Vi10 is a good example of this.

Microsoft's biggest smartphone attack will begin in October

Do you miss the tablets and smartphones from the Redmond house? In about two months we should see a big comeback for all brands

10 windows are racing forward with a market share of six percent

Free upgrades help the new operating system gain a good global market share in about three weeks

Windows 10 Can you disable pirated software and games? Probably not really

Does the Windows 10 agreement really give Microsoft the ability to scan your computer files and disable illegal software?

Teclast's tablet will give you windows and Android simultaneously, in one nice package

Want an iPad-like tablet that gives you access to Microsoft and Google systems at less than half of Apple's prices? You've come to the right place

How I went through the Windows 10 upgrade experience

Lavie Shifman shares his first impressions of Microsoft's new and shiny operating system. Is there any point in taking advantage of the free upgrade offer? Probably so

Introducing the Acer Cloudbook: the cheapest windows mobile in the market

The Taiwanese manufacturer is unveiling its ultra-cheap laptop, which will cost only $ 170 in 11 and 200 in the 14 version. Revolution or just an unnecessary imitation of chromobox? Come and be judged

Moving to Windows 10: Introducing the new operating system

Microsoft is launching a new operating system especially, and we're here to tell you how it looks and how it feels. First story in series

Acer and Microsoft will offer us a laptop with 10 windows on 170

The Acer Aspire One Cloudbook is an ultra-cheap ultra-cheap ultra-slim laptop that will be priced at just about 650