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Durable, but not invincible: Watch the Galaxy S10 survives intentional abuse

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything provided us with one of the first tough tests for Samsung's new flagship - with a lot of positive news

Tough or soft: the embarrassment of the Redmi Note 7

A series of viral videos designed to illustrate the physical durability of the new middle model did not impress the most famous smartphone examiner on YouTube

The creators and viewers are furious at the YouTube Year Summary video

The traditional Rewind video from the large video platform representatives became viral - for all the wrong reasons

Ultra Moon HD Tour

Come watch the impressive new work from the US space agency

From now on in Israel: Watch YouTube videos even without a network connection

Want to make sure that certain videos are available to you even when you do not have an available Wi-Fi network or cellular connectivity? Now you can do it at last

Next Battle: Amazon will offer a competing service to YouTube?

After Google decided to opt out of YouTube on the smart home Echo devices that include a screen, Amazon may try to come up with an ambitious independent solution

YouTube's biggest millionaires

Meet the people who have earned tens of millions of dollars in the past year, thanks only to the videos they uploaded to Google's video platform

Music for the masses: The official Deezer streaming service is officially launched in Israel

From today, Israelis will be able to enjoy direct streaming of unlimited songs on a monthly basis - while the platform is added to the local variety

The new YouTube series: Dating in the Tender

The YouTube Red service on a monthly fee hopes to attract new subscribers with an original series at the center of which is the famous dating app

Within walking distance: Spacewalking was first recorded in 360 degrees

After we were given the opportunity to be impressed by the International Space Station in interactive video clips - now there is also an innovative video documenting activities outside of it as you have not seen until now

A week of new records in the media world

The final episode, the fist fight and the new musical clip that broke the net - and the world of cinema

Coming soon on YouTube: Knowing how many people are watching the same video with you

A new small addition seen by several users of the Android platform app for Android devices will be a new important tool for content creators

The robot that conquered Mars celebrates a birthday

Half a decade has passed since the Curiosity vehicle successfully landed on the Red Planet and began to provide us with countless fascinating pieces of information - and it seems that its arm (or robotic arm) is still tilted

New YouTube Record: 3 Billion Hits for Single Video

As expected, the Latin hit Despacito took over the top of the popularity of the video platform - and on the way broke nearly every possible record for a song in the digital age

You'll soon be able to watch YouTube videos straight from Watsap

A new Picture-in-Picture mode will provide interesting multi-tasking capabilities for the successful Facebook application

After four and a half years, YouTube has a new champion

The long-term control of the Korean PSY has finally come to an end, and the giant network has a new video that is the highest international viewing

The safest way to 3 billion? Video that breaks all YouTube records (updated)

Did you also become addicted to the Latin hit Despacito? You're really not alone

See: Testing the gaming capabilities of the most powerful graphics processing system in the world

The YouTube channel provides us with impressive, high-quality recordings from a quad-band SLI array made up of the most powerful NVIDIA video cards

Twitter's new surprise

The Periscope app introduces a new feature that Fite provides to YouTube and Facebook

Viral and Wacky: Play with the most powerful skimmer there is

What do you do when there is no company known to sell unmanned aircraft designed to carry the weight of an adult? Create one independently of course

YouTube is rampant: live support at Ultra HD resolution and 60 frames per second

The largest video platform is upgraded with highly advanced recording capabilities. The first demonstration will come today

New: See Earth from space, Ultra HD, and 360 degrees

The International Space Station continues to provide us with advanced means to 'experience' space in outer space, without getting out of the chair

The hot trend of the video world is also landing on YouTube

Do you have an up-to-date viewing device that supports HDR? Now you can take advantage of his abilities on the net

Google Announces YouTube Go: Watch Videos Even Without Internet Access

The new technology giant's application will bring the largest video platform of all to consumers who do not have fixed access to a mobile surfing package

Watch: A chorus of aging hardware components makes Nirvana

Come hear and see Smells Like Teen Spirit performed in a way you've never experienced before