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View: The fall of the Explorer

A graphic video showing the market share of the various browsers over the past decade illustrates how the technological world that has surrounded us has changed

"Half a hitch" on Facebook social networks (update: Back to normal)

Can not view media files on Watsap, Instagram or Facebook? You're not alone

The eulogies were early? Huawei can continue to do business with American companies

An optimistic meeting between the leaders of the United States and China leads to a positive declaration for the giant company, with the next stage likely to restore the situation to its previous state and cancel all the sanctions imposed on it recently

The future of artificial intelligence according to Intel

The chip maker's Nervana accelerators are approaching the market and promise to make the Xeon processors expert in machine learning and neuronal networks

AMD's hardware has been selected for the most powerful computer development in the world

The American chip developer and Cray will build the first supercomputer in the Exa era for the US Department of Energy

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On The Way To The First Place Ever: The Avengers vs Avatar (updated)

Endgame has crossed a revenue threshold of 2 billion and is rapidly approaching the all-time record high

Best of all? The car camera that swept 400,000 dollars in Kickstarter

Can a camera that can take a spatial shot of 360 and alert the driver to the danger of falling asleep is worth more than $ 170? Thousands of consumers have already voted with their feet and decided that the answer is positive

First step: Amazon is beginning to examine the Israeli market

Messages sent to well-known account holders in the retail giant reveal the first stage of entry into the local market - meanwhile no dedicated storage and shipping services

There are no records left: Endgame has taken over the world (updated)

The curiosity and fear of Spoilers did their job - viewers swarmed around movie theaters all over the globe and broke dozens of particularly high records for the fourth episode of The Avengers Saga

Another step on the way to an all-time high: reviews praise the Avengers (updated)

Avengers: Endgame will start its movie run this weekend - averaging the highest scores ever for a superhero movie

Crazy gaming stories

Think you're addicted to games? Get to know the people who took the hobby to surprising and especially delusional places

Join your conservation efforts: Ubisoft offers Assassin's Creed Unity for everyone

The devastating fire that hit the Notre Dame Cathedral leads the French gaming company to open its heart and wallet with a financial contribution to repairing the damage - and also a division of its popular title in which one can freely admire the historical structure

Watch: The new Star Wars movie gets a first trailer and an official name

The last trilogy will try to get back on track after the failure of Solo last year

Breaking expectation records: How much money will Avengers Endgame put in its first weekend?

The early ticket bookings led to the collapse of the major sales sites, China will join the rest of the world in launching - and now many on the net are trying to predict how big will be the fourth and final film of Avengers

The new movie joker excites surfers

The first trailer for the film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the crazy clown became a hit on the net