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The Network Frenzy: Official Trailer for Avengers: Endgame

The sequel to the Infinite War, which will provide a prelude to ending his windshield, is fast approaching - and wins a new first trailer that threatens to break all records

New file protection in the gaming market was hacked in just 2 days (updated)

A new DRM technology called Valeroa purported to provide competition for Denuvo's power, but it seems that the hackers had other plans

The end of the largest computer exhibition in Europe

Competition with CES and Computex has become too tough - and the European CeBIT will become part of another general exhibition instead of a separate dedicated event

The worst timing of all? National network fault in Golan Telecom (updated)

Just one day after the introduction of new and more expensive packages, the young cellular operator experienced serious technical problems that undoubtedly would not help the consumer with additional credit points

The trend of rising prices in the Israeli cellular market continues

After a pair of prominent players did so last month, Golan Telecom and Hot Mobile announce more updated and expensive packages, which will probably cause another chain reaction

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A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

At a time when its people have decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which has abandoned the use of technology, the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the renowned DRM company

Yesterday's hardware, the VR of tomorrow

A Chinese company is using HTC's Peltpura and launching the Shadow VR - truly wireless virtual reality glasses where all the processing takes place inside

The father of Marvel's superheroes passed away (updated)

Stan Lee, who is responsible for the creation of some of the most beloved and famous characters in Marvell's universe, died at a ripe old age

The Empire of the Bachelor - more than 30 billion in one day

Did anyone think otherwise? The data from Alibaba from the official bachelor of 2018 is exposed - and they are again unprecedented

The next surprise hit: Pikachu arrives in the real world in a new film

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu may evoke nostalgic and confusing feelings

A golden opportunity for the coming hours: discount of 10 Euro in purchases in Amazon Italy

A coupon code that will be active only on the current day allows you to purchase products that are higher than 50 Euro with a significant reduction definitely

Samsung's Splendor: Get to know your smartphone with a folding screen

The event we were waiting for did not take place behind closed doors, but on stage in front of the entire world: the largest smartphone maker is almost ready to offer us a smartphone that suddenly turns into a small tablet, and also ensures that the Android system will offer built-in support for these innovative configurations in the future

Surprising Benefit: Let's get products from eBay free of charge (Update: Deal is back)

The online sales platform offers a discount code that gives 5 dollars to registered users - which means that some of the products participating in the project can be obtained at no cost at all

Prepare, prepare, buy! Google's Israeli shopping event is back with us

The Shopping IL venture returns for the fourth time for 48 hours of shopping - over 1,000 and various stores and stores participating in it

The exemption has survived: The High Court of Justice ruled on the benefits of online purchases from abroad

Representatives of importers and local retail chains petitioned for equal conditions for those who make personal purchases through the chain - but the court ruled that it would not intervene in economic policy in the field